Victor Fontanez

Litigation Support

About Victor

Victor Fontanez (Rick) is the newest addition to our team.  He has lived in Orlando Florida all of his life. After graduating from Colonial high school, he went on to further his education and graduate from The University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Arts in Legal Studies.  He is currently studying to supplement his education further, and obtain his law degree in the upcoming years.  Currently, Rick works along side all of our staff; however, along with the mentorship from the attorneys here at Fighter Law, he has aspirations of practicing law along side our family.  Rick is proud to announce he has also recently become member of The U.S. Army Reserve; recently receiving his candidacy to become an Officer, similar to attorney Thomas Feiter.  While still early in his career, Rick shows great promise and is eager to serve both our Nation and our clients.

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