Yesenia Guilfuchi

Supervising Paralegal & Social Media Coordinator

About Yesenia

Yesenia Guilfuchi is the Criminal Defense and Injunctions Supervising Paralegal at Fighter Law.  Yesenia was born in Miami, FL but was mostly raised in Orlando, FL, Before coming to our firm, Yesenia gained tremendous experience working at the State Attorney Office of the 9th Judicial Circuit.  She was there for approximately  three years, starting out as a Clerk, then being promoted to Legal Assistant specializing in traffic, sex crimes and homicide cases.  After one year she was promoted to Witness Management, assisting attorneys in coordinating witnesses for trial.  Yesenia is both fluent in English and Spanish.  Also, she is currently studying at Valencia College completing her Bachelor of Arts.

Yesenia Guilfuchi Fighter Law

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