Sanford Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is when someone experiences physical abuse by someone they are related to or share a household with. It is an extremely sensitive topic and those who experience it may have many lasting scars and negative feelings. These confusing feelings often leave victims struggling to come forward and get the help they need. 

On the other hand, being charged with a domestic violence crime can be life-altering, especially if you are falsely accused. The accusations can make the victim feel isolated and overwhelmed, and they may think that hiring a domestic abuse defense lawyer in Sanford is an admission of guilt. No matter your role in a domestic violence case, it is a tricky subject to navigate and is best handled with an experienced and trustworthy domestic abuse defense attorney by your side. Fighter Law is a criminal defense firm that will listen with open and compassionate ears to your case and work to protect your rights. 

How Is Domestic Violence Charged? 

If you are being charged with a domestic violence accusation in Florida, there are two main types of charges: battery and strangulation. These will be charged as such: 

  • Battery: Battery is non-consensual contact with another human being that has resulted in harm or injury. Battery can range from grabbing another person’s arm to stalking, kidnapping, or sexual assault. Battery commonly results in a first-degree misdemeanor.
  • Strangulation: Choking or attempting to choke someone non-consensually is considered strangulation and is punishable as a felony charge. Felony charges in Florida are punishable by at least five years in prison, as well as high fine amounts. For very serious cases, you can also face the death penalty. 

If the police are called because of a domestic violence situation or accusation, it is imperative you cooperate, no matter if the accusation is true or false. The state takes domestic violence cases very seriously, and if you are charged falsely, it is best to comply with the police and the judge and reach out to a Sanford domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible for them to begin building your defense. 

When you are released, you will be given pre-trial guidelines to follow. These strictly prohibit you from reaching out to the accuser, which should be complied with in order for your case to run as smoothly as possible. 

How a Sanford Domestic Abuse Attorney Can Help

No matter whether you are facing domestic violence charges or filing for domestic violence charges, you should reach out to a professional criminal defense attorney to help. Fighter Law has devoted decades to making sure the Sanford community gets the justice they deserve, whether it’s legal protection or clearing their name. A domestic abuse defense attorney can help with either side of the coin, including the following:

Victims of Domestic Violence

Being a victim of domestic violence and coming forward with your story takes unimaginable strength and courage. The first step to filing a domestic violence charge is filing for a domestic violence injunction. This is also known as a restraining order. It is provided by a judge and prohibits your abuser from being in your vicinity or inflicting harm. You do not have to prove physical abuse to receive an injunction, just that you are at conceivable risk. 

In Florida, the abuser will also be ordered to surrender any firearms they may owe. Once you and your family are safe, you may proceed with filing criminal charges. 

Accused of Domestic Violence

Being wrongly accused of domestic violence can negatively impact your life. In Florida, cases involving domestic violence are handled uniquely, meaning: 

  • Upon arrest, you cannot post bail until you see a judge
  • The state decides if you are prosecuted or not, not the victim
  • The victim retracting their accusation means the charges will be dropped
  • Your case may never be expunged or sealed

Your domestic violence lawyer in Sanford will need as much time and information as possible to begin building your defense and spotting holes in the accusation. This can be through an airtight alibi or inconsistencies in the accuser’s testimony. With Fighter Law on your side, we will work to have your record erased and your name cleared. In some cases, serious penalties may be able to be avoided by entering a diversion program. 

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