Crimes and Defenses in Florida

Criminal Law 101


Criminal law is one of our primary areas of practice.  Thomas Feiter is an expert Criminal Trial Lawyer and he will make sure you understand the law and your possible defenses.  While the statutes (a.k.a. the laws) outline just what acts are criminal in Florida, many people do not know what makes one act a crime and another not a crime.  And defenses to criminal acts can be even harder to understand.

We have all heard the expression that ignorance of the law is no excuse.  What this means is that you may commit a crime without knowing it is a crime – and, even though you did not know it was a crime, you can still legally be prosecuted for it in criminal court.  That may sound crazy, but it is absolutely true.  Take, for example, pulling out your gun in self-defense.  Is that ok?  Well, it really depends on the circumstances.  An experienced lawyer can guide you through what is legal and illegal.  This can mean the difference between your freedom and becoming a convicted felon.

Use the pages below to learn more about criminal law in Florida and the rights you have as a citizen. If you can’t find the answer to your question, call us anytime at 407-344-4837 or email us.  We’re here to help.   Don’t just hire a lawyer, hire a fighter!

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