Municipal Ordinances

A municipal ordinance is a violation of a city ordinance.  These are prosecuted by the City Attorney’s Office in State Court.  Examples of municipal violations are disorderly conduct, indecent conduct, prostitution, trespassing, urinating or defecating in public, loitering or prowling, and panhandling.  You can learn more about the City Attorney at  On that website, there is a link to the municipal code.

  1. Offense Levels and Penalties

    1. Levels, Prison, Fines

      1. Aside from the degree of crime (e.g., 1st degree misdemeanor versus 3rd degree felony), felonies are categorized into levels ranging from 1 to 9 – the higher the level, the more severe the punishment.  The levels are important because they impact the score that is reflected on the criminal punishment scoresheet.

      2. The court may also sign a restitution order to make whole the victims of any crime for you may be convicted.  Restitution can be made in payments to the clerk of court and is to be paid ahead of any court costs or fines.

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