What is a final injunction?

A final injunction is formal court order where a judge formally adjudicates you to be a stalker or violent or exploitative. In other words, a final injunction is bad. You want to avoid one at all costs. If you get a final injunction, time is of the essence and you should try to appeal it as soon as possible. But that can be very expensive. The better route is to try to avoid it before it happens. In other words, as soon as you are served with a temporary injunction, call an attorney to prepare defending against it.

Once a final injunction is ordered against you, it can last for a long time (or indefinitely) AND the court can force you to do certain things and report back on a regular basis. This amounts to a probation-like sentence very similar to criminal cases. If you violate the court’s orders, you can go to jail.
Do not confuse a permanent injunction with a final injunction. A permanent injunction is a final injunction, but a final injunction is not always permanent. So in other words, a final injunction can last a few months. A permanent injunction is a final injunction that lasts indefinitely.

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