What is the worst that can happen?

You can go to jail. A violation of an injunction is criminal offense. Therefore, injunctions should be taken very seriously right at the outset – before any hearings take place.

If a injunction against you is granted, you will have to abide by all the conditions of it. Once an injunction is in place, you can get arrested if the other person accuses you of violating it. It is just that easy for them. It happens all the time. If someone is a terrible person and wants to see you suffer, they can do that to you. There is very little anyone can do to stop it. Law enforcement officers are not perfect and they do not always get it right. They may choose not to investigate an allegation of a violation of injunction. Sometimes they just take the person’s word for it – and they arrest you. That sucks. And it happens.

The worst that can happen is that you get an injunction granted against you and the other person has that control over you for the duration of the injunction. The judge can also put you on a sort of “probation” by ordering you to complete certain conditions and reporting back to the court. The judge can order you to complete anger management, batterer’s intervention courses, counseling, psychological evaluations, and so on. It can really, really suck. If you don’t comply with the court’s orders, they can hold you in contempt and/or forward the matter to the state attorney’s office for prosecution.

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