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Hiring the Best Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney for your case is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.  Here is what you want to look for in an attorney – along with some red flags to be aware of in case you are unsure.  You can run this advice past any attorney anywhere – they will absolutely agree with it.


Hire an experienced attorney.  Do not just hire a lawyer because they seem nice.  If you do that, you will regret it later.  Ask the hard questions now.

How long has the attorney been practicing law?  How many trials have they done?  Some young attorneys are very competent and can hold their own with any 20-year veteran lawyer or judge.  But there is not substitute for experience.  Do not hire a lawyer with less than 5 years active litigation experience.  If the lawyer is hesitant to tell you exactly what their experience is, that is a red flag.

Has the attorney ever been a prosecutor or a public defender?  This applies to the state and federal governments. There is nothing like knowing how government lawyers think and work.  Getting that first-hand experience that only government lawyers can get is priceless.   Try to get a defense lawyer who has that in their background.


Hire an expert lawyer. If you were having heart surgery, would you just hire any doctor to do the surgery?  Or would you look for someone who specializes in heart surgery?  Of course not.  You would want the best expert surgeon just like you would want the best expert Orlando criminal defense attorney.

Ask if your attorney is recognized as an expert in criminal trial law.  Or is it just something that they kind of dabble in?  The Florida Bar only recognizes Board Certified Trial Lawyers as “experts” in the law.  If your attorney is not board certified, ask him or her why not.  The attorney does not HAVE to be board certified to be really, really good.  But it is definitely something The Florida Bar suggests you look for in a defense lawyer.

Local Attorney – Home Field Advantage

Hiring a local attorney who actively practices before the local judges is a huge advantage.  The law in Florida is the same everywhere, but an attorney’s reputation precedes him or her.  Meaning that the judges and prosecutors know who your attorney is before they walk into the courtroom.  You want them to be well-known and well-liked.  There is no question that it is a tremendous advantage for the attorney to know the judge, their likes and dislikes, how they rule and why.


Hire a lawyer who can look you in the eye and inspire confidence in you.  If your case has to go to trial, will your lawyer have the courage to go all the way?  How many trials have they done?  How have other clients spoken about them and their presence in the courtroom.  The courage to take a case to trial is highly important.  You do not want a lawyer to get scared (or be unprepared) right before trial and force you to take a plea deal.


Hire an attorney who can “sell” you and your side of things.  How can you know if they can do that?  Simple.  Just ask them this: “How will you present my case to the prosecutor and to the judge?  If necessary, how will you sell it to a jury?”  Just like that.  When you are interviewing attorneys, observe how the lawyer presents himself or herself.  Is that what you want?  Or were looking for something else.  Trust your gut.

Do you want someone that the judge, the prosecutor, or the jury will look and wonder “Gee, can I really trust that lawyer and believe what he or she is saying?”  A lawyer can be incredibly intelligent and be good with a person one on one.  But when it comes time to present to a jury, can they sell?  Can they be passionate?  Will they fight for you?


Check out the lawyers resume – not just their website.  A website is designed to make a person look better than they actually are.  Dig deeper.  You owe it to yourself or to your loved one to properly research and find the best Orlando criminal defense attorney out there.

Ask the attorney how long have they have been an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney.  Have they bounced from one law firm to another?  Are they a stable person personally and financially in the event your case takes a long time to resolve?  You want to find a lawyer who is level-headed and has a solid reputation in the local community.  This will give you the best chances of being sure the lawyer’s personal or financial problems will not adversely affect you or your case.


Hire a well-rated lawyer.  Be sure the lawyer you hire has been thoroughly vetted by independent and peer ratings.  The Martindale-Hubbell AV-Rating system is one of the oldest and most respected for attorneys throughout the United States.  SuperLawyers.com is good as well.  Avvo.com has a rating system that should not be overlooked either.  These are all good resources for checking out your lawyer’s ratings.

Hire Fighter Law

Once you have looked into other attorneys and other law firms, we are very confident that we will come out on top.  We know you want to hire the best Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney and we hope we are the lawyers for you.  We are not the perfect fit for anyone.  If you do not feel like we are the firm for you, hire another law firm.  You need to feel comfortable with your lawyer.  You need to be able to sleep at night.  Our consultations are free and we never pressure anyone to hire us.  Call us at 407-344-4837 to see how we may be able to help you.  While no lawyer can guarantee any outcome, one thing that we can promise is that we will FIGHT for you.


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