Consequences of Getting an Injunction On Your Record

Injunctions have serious consequences.  That’s the bottom line.  And they do create a record on you that can be found fairly easily.  Freedom of information and the internet have caused injunctions to have substantial, real-life consequences to anyone who has an injunction on their record.  While injunctions are not “criminal” in and of themselves, they can have a similar impact on your life.

5 Ways Injunctions Can Impact Your Life

  1. Not being able to possess a firearm or ammunition (§ 790.233, Florida Statutes, says that people who have injunctions on their record may not possess a firearm or ammunition);
  2. Violations of injunctions ARE criminal and you can be arrested and prosecuted (§ 784.0485(9)(a), Florida Statutes, which says that a violation of an injunction may be enforced through a civil or criminal contempt proceeding or prosecuted as a criminal violation);
  3. Injunctions are also public records that can affect your employment and freedom to travel;
  4. Injunctions show up on background checks; and
  5. Injunctions can affect your ability to get a secret or top-secret security clearance for federal government jobs.

Just know that injunctions for protection can have serious consequences.  So DO NOT agree to an injunction just to make it go away.  And going to court without an attorney on these is not advisable.  Due to busy dockets, judges can be tempted to sign off on an agreement between the parties when it is not obviously unfair.  You should fully understand the consequences that flow from injunctions for protection.  They are a lot more substantial than they were in the past.  Call or e-mail me to discuss your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an injunction impact your life?

Once an injunction has successfully been filed against you, the impact can be widespread. From your ability to secure work and travel to your chances of being admitted to college or the military, an injunction can pose significant consequences for you and your loved ones. Injunctions are serious and delicate matters that require educated legal representation. Fortunately, help is right around the corner. If you need assistance with your injunction, don’t hesitate to speak with the Fighter Law Firm.