Pre-Need Guardianship Designation

A Preneed Guardian is an important document as it allows you to designate the person you would like the court to appoint as the guardian of not only your assets but of yourself in the circumstance that the court should order or find that there is a declaration of incapacity. This document gives you the opportunity to tell the court the best possible option or the person you trust the most to fill this role. It is yet another way in your estate planning that you can maintain control and have peace of mind that you and your assets will be taken care of in the event that you can no longer do it on your own.

  •  Specifically guides the court who you would like to serve as your guardian;
  • Allows you to maintain some form of control;
  • The court will be bound to follow your wishes so long as at the time of making the designation you are within the capacity to do so;
  • Can save a lot of stress and contested guardianship issues because the court will be bound to appoint the designated individual.

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