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Grandparents can offer a significant amount of care for their grandchildren, especially if they spend a lot of time looking after them. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to gain custody of your grandchildren. When parents can no longer provide adequate care for their children, kids will need to find additional support and care from trustworthy loved ones. But at what point can grandparents gain other rights over their grandchildren? What information should you have under your belt before you move forward?

If you want to win custody of your grandchildren and do what is best for your family, the Orlando grandparents’ rights lawyers with Fighter Law can help. We have extensive experience with and knowledge of family law, including child custody cases involving extended family. Our board-certified team has access to helpful strategies, resources, and tools that may be valuable to your legal needs. We work hard to support families in need, and we can provide you with the same services and support.

Do Grandparents Have Rights to Child Custody in Orlando?

In certain circumstances, grandparents can gain child custody over their grandchildren. While this does not mean all grandparents in Orlando can gain custody over children, some serious opportunities are available. If the grandparent is better able to provide adequate care to the children in question, they may be able to gain custody.

When Do Grandparents Have Child Custody Rights?

Generally, parents will maintain custody of their children except in a handful of circumstances. If parents are deemed unfit to care for their children properly and it would be in the kids’ best interest for the custodial rights to change, grandparents can gain custody. In particular, the court may change or throw away certain custody agreements. If grandparents show the child’s parents are a danger or threat to the safety of their children, for example, custody rights can change.

What Other Rights Can Grandparents Have?

Grandparents can also gain visitation rights, which are granted in fewer cases. Usually, both parents must be dead or in an unfit state for visitation rights to be provided. This can be frustrating, but other circumstances may apply to your situation. If you want to gain visitation rights to your grandchildren, we recommend you work with a grandparents’ rights attorney in Orlando for assistance. Your grandparents’ rights lawyer in Orlando can help you gain custody in several ways during the legal process.

What Steps Should You Take If You Want Custody as a Grandparent in Orlando?

If you want to receive custody of your grandchildren, we recommend you follow a few simple steps to improve your odds of success. Protecting the best interests of minors is essential, and we have suggestions to help your legal prerogatives. 

Collect Documents and Relevant Paperwork

Whenever you enter the legal process for child custody or visitation rights, we suggest you compile relevant paperwork. This may include a copy of prior agreements if you have them, information disclosing financial well-being and ability to provide adequate care, and evidence about the current guardian’s circumstances that show that they may not be suitable for the children’s best interests. 

Avoid Discussing Your Legal Circumstances

While the legal process may be stressful and you might like to discuss your circumstances with friends or family, it’s best to avoid discussing legal matters with others. The only exception is speaking with a grandparents’ rights lawyer, as you have the right to legal representation and the privacy associated with the attorney-client relationship. Working with a grandparents’ rights lawyer can significantly mitigate the risks you may encounter during the legal process.

Speak With a Grandparents Rights Lawyer in Orlando

If you want to gain child custody or visitation rights regarding your grandchildren, we suggest you speak to and retain a grandparents’ rights attorney. Your grandparents’ rights lawyer can help you in several ways, including speaking on your behalf, completing and filing paperwork, leveling the legal playing field, and creating solid strategies in your favor.

It’s better to refrain from representing yourself during child custody and other legal proceedings. Your Orlando family law lawyer can help you avoid mistakes, represent you fairly and favorably, and increase your chances of legal success. You should also contact a grandparents’ rights lawyer as soon as possible to improve your odds of favorable results. Your grandparents’ rights attorney will need sufficient time to understand your circumstances and build strong arguments on your behalf.

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