State of Florida vs. Matthew Jacob Hiers (Brevard 2021-MM-049915)

All of the content on this page was obtained by public records request and is publicly available.

Some of the Injury Photos

The 911 Call


The Police Report

Portions of the Injunction Hearing



Attorneys Thomas Feiter and Melissa Vickers represent Domestic Violence Survivor Laura Ramirez in Brevard County.  Her abuser was her husband, who also happens to be an attorney.  He abused her in the past in many ways.  This time was the last.  He spit in her face, hit her, threw her up against a wall and held her down, choking her, threatening her and her family.  Then he took her cell phone so she could not call for help!  But she went to a neighbor for help and that’s when the police quickly pulled him over and found him in possession of her phone.  After her husband was taken into custody, the defendant’s father came to her home and tried to take her phone, her computer and her dog.  The father only got away with the dog.  What we later came to realize is that her husband and her husband’s father took the dog to use her as leverage in getting her to drop the cases she would later have against him.  After fighting it out in court on one of the cases, we got Laura EVERYTHING she wanted, including return of the dog!  There is still a long way to go on these cases, however.  This is a sad matter with a pattern of abuse, lies, and controlling/manipulating behavior – all at the hands of an abusive husband.

We still don’t know why Phil Archer, the local State Attorney, declined to file felony charges against Matthew Jacob Hiers.  AND that his office is offering him pretrial diversion AGAINST her wishes.  That means that Matthew Jacob Hiers may have the criminal case dismissed.  


Fighting for justice for this victim.  Check back for updates.  

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