Erika Barbosa is a seasoned legal professional from Clifton, New Jersey, tracing her familial roots to Peru where she was born. With an impressive career spanning 18 years in the legal field, Erika has cultivated a deep passion for criminal law, dedicating herself to advocating for justice and defending the rights of her clients.

Erika manages to balance her career with family.  Outside of her professional life, Erika truly enjoys devoting her free time to her family. She cherishes spending quality time with her husband and daughters and lounging by the pool when they’re not out-and-about with her family. Erika’s family also includes two beloved pets: Dutch, an American Bully, and Suzie, a cherished 14-year-old dog.

At home, Erika is excited to see her oldest daughter begin high school as her youngest is excitedly anticipating trying to academically outpace her big sister.

Erika Barbosa’s commitment to her family, her profession, and her personal passions makes her a well-rounded and dedicated member of the Fighter Law team.

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