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Attorney Ashley Parker starts off 2019 with not guilty jury verdict in hate crime trial

I was going through a very bad experience of being accused of battery and prejudice towards a man that had been stalking me for about a year and a half. I was scared and stressed beyond belief, to say the least. This situation would stress and upset any normal person, but I’m not a normal person. I suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury and all of the side effects that go along with it, so for me it was dramatically worse, but my Attorney Ashley Parker was not only compassionate but diligent and on top of everything. He was not one of those Attorneys that you have to send a search party out for. He took every one of my calls, answered every text promptly and even met with us on a Saturday and came to my house, which is where the incident took place. On Sunday, the next day, he returned to take pictures and talk more with us. I was blown away by his handling of my case and Of Course found not guilty. I cannot thank him, his Co-Counsel Andrew Fawbush and Tom for all of their hard work, especially Ashley. Thanks so much Guys!!! I am forever indebted to you. You Guys are Awesome!

-A.A., a Criminal Defense client | View more on Google Plus

They really fight for you!!!

The Fighter Law Firm was able to get me the maximum amount for my car accident case. I am very happy with The Fighter Law Firm and would recommend them to anyone. They really make you a priority and give you the confidence to know that every attempt to resolve your issue will be vigorously pursued. They really really fight for you!!!!

– Angela, a Personal Injury client  | View more on Google Plus

Want a lawyer that’s going to get the job done?

After having used Thomas Feiter twice after being wrongly accused of crimes, I can honestly say there is no other lawyer who will listen to your case and try to understand you. He isn’t the normal type of lawyer who just wants to win your case and be done with you, he’s the type of individual who wants to help. It was amazing watching him in the court room and I’m very proud to call Mr. Feiter my attorney. However, Mr. Feiter is so skilled that he rarely even has to go to trial, usually solving the problem in a quick simple way saving everyone the trouble of more time and money spent on an individual case. I’ve recommended Mr. Feiter to two other individuals who are pleased to call him his attorney as well and it is a fact, not an opinion, that Mr. Feiter is Orlando’s fiercest up and coming attorney who will “fight” for you.

– Tim, a Criminal Defense client | View more on Avvo.com


Precious Help – Long Distance

I had to make a quick decision and choose an attorney for my nephew long distance. It was an incredible stressful thing to do and I needed to make the right choice. Both my nephew and I spoke with, numerous attorneys in a few hours time, and also with Mr. Feiter and I was very impressed with how he listened and his expert advice, but not making any big promises either. This gave me the trust I needed to go with Tom. I could only have phone conversations and email communications, and each time I had quick and thorough responses. No time wasted – they were very efficient. Amanda Sampaio, attorney, also on his team, was there to guide me and respond to my worries and explain what we needed to be successful in this (criminal) case. The matter was resolved successfully and to our complete and full satisfaction. I felt they cared, and this is what you need when you are dealing with a loved ones life and future. I recommend this attorney without any hesitation whatsoever… you will be in excellent and expert hands.

– Kathy, a Criminal Defense client | View more on Avvo.com


Excellent Service. Highly Recommend.

I reside in the UK and needed a lawyer to represent me as I was arrested during a vacation in Florida. [Amanda] helped me every step of the way and explained what the outcomes would be and kept me informed of any changes. Even through the time difference she was responded to any questions which I had as soon as possible. This is the first time I had needed legal services and I can say that the service I received was amazing and I would highly recommend. She was also very honest and let me know of what could happen whether it was good or bad. Would not be able to fault the services I received.

– a Criminal Defense client | View more on Avvo.com


What is in a name?

What is in a name? Everything! The Fighter Law Firm will fight and does fight for you. A truly trusted advisor in a time where there is so much uncertainty and fear. Thomas Feiter, from the beginning was and is an example of sensitivity, knowledge, professionalism, and experience. My son’s case was handled with attention to detail, and a sense of urgency. I could not have expected a better outcome for him and our family. Thank you…thank you…thank you. I will recommend this firm in a heart beat should anyone I know ever require legal assistance.

– Todd, a Criminal Defense client  | View more on Avvo.com


Caring Lawyer

I hired Amanda on November 2013 for a criminal case I was facing. Amanda was in constant communication and was regularly updating me on the case. I was facing a long sentence (Life) and Amanda did an extraordinary job in putting everything into perspective. You could tell from the beginning that Amanda cares for the well-being of her client. Amanda managed to fight my case and subsequently, lower the worst felony and some other charges were dropped. In the end, I went from facing life in prison to probation. Overall, I am pleased with Amanda Sampaio and would highly recommend her!

– Alex, a Criminal Defense client | View more on Avvo.com


Definitely a “fighter”! We highly recommend him!

Tom is a great lawyer! If you are looking for someone that will not only listen to you and genuinely care about you as a person, while doing his very best to fight for you, Tom is your guy! I always knew what was going on and what he needed from me. I also felt comfortable asking any questions I had and he always made himself available to answer them. I felt confident that he was looking out for my best interest at all times. I’m thankful that God lead me to hiring him and would highly recommend him to anyone.

– a Criminal Defense client | View more on Avvo.com


Thomas “The Fighter” Feiter receives another not guilty by jury verdict!

I received Thomas Feiter’s card in a stack of other business cards from a bail bondsman after I posted bond on a DUI charge. I retained Thomas Feiter to represent me after he consulted with me about the police report and the facts of my case. He outlined the entire process for me and explained the worst case scenario and the best case scenario. I chose Thomas Feiter because of his vast knowledge and experience as a former prosecutor in Orange County, FL. I wanted an attorney who had experience on both sides of the table.

After my pre trial conference he informed me that the state was not going to reduce the charge and would only offer standard DUI plea penalties. We discussed the facts (police report and videos) and believed that they proved my innocence and so we decided to put it into the hands of a jury and go to trial. I can honestly say that going to a jury trial was the most nerve racking, flat out scary experience of my life. Yet, through it all Mr. Feiter was there for me to explain everything as it was happening, answer any questions, and listen to my input.

Ultimately it came down to the jury and they listened to the case and facts that he presented and they returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

I cannot speak highly enough of him! I would recommend Thomas Feiter to anyone who wants an attorney who will truly fight for them!

– Jack, a DUI client | View more on Avvo.com


Extremely Pleased

Unfortunately, due to a bitter divorce and child custody issues I have had the opportunity to work with a few attorneys in the past. Amanda by far exceeded every lawyer I have ever met or hired and will be who I come to if I ever need one in the future. She was very professional, very responsive and very fair in what she charged. She was quick to respond to any questions I had whether it be via phone or email. She worked hard to ensure that we achieved optimal results in our case. I couldn’t be more pleased with her as a lawyer and I recommend her to anyone who needs one. You definitely won’t regret it!

– Manny, a Family client  | View more on Avvo.com


Genuinely cares

Amanda from day one was very understanding, personable, and quick to respond to the questions or requests I’ve had. She has gone the extra mile on many occasions to communicate or meet with me to keep me up to date on what would take place in the court room and advise me on what were the best options. Her helpfulness, confidence, and knowledge of the system here in Orlando have put me at ease that she is doing the best for us considering the nature of the circumstances being faced. I would highly recommend Amanda Sampaio to anyone needing a lawyer who genuinely cares, is honest and is there to fight for you.

– Donna, A Criminal Defense client | View more on Avvo.com


Highly Recommend!

We cannot say enough about Tom. He did an excellent job in helping us ensure my spouse had the best avenue for our case. We highly recommend. He kept us informed and responded quickly. Essentially he made sure my spouse did not go to trial and was placed in PTD program for two related charges. We are now on the path to normal life again. Thanks Tom!

– a Criminal Defense client | View more on Avvo.com


Great Attorney!

Thomas was very knowledgeable regarding my uncles case. The end result was no better than I or any of my family could have hoped for. Thomas is a great attorney and I would highly recommended him to anyone with who needs criminal representation.

– Nathaniel | View more on Google


He is very professional about representing his clients

I have recently hired attorney Thomas Feiter to represent me in a restraining order for domestic violence case. i would like to acknowledge his expertise that he did with my case. i would like to thank him for being their for the wonderful out come of my case. i would certainly recommend him for any services that i myself or you would need. he is very professional about representing his clients. once again i would like to thank you Mr. Thomas Feiter for representing me in my case. Sincerely, Brian Morris

– Brian | View more on Google

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