Criminal Law 101

Keeping It Simple as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

We designed this page with you (our clients) in mind.  Understanding that you are not lawyers, we tried to make the information here easy to understand for those not formally trained in the legal profession.  Below are some links that provide you with some basic information on important topics that affect virtually all criminal cases.  As always, you can call or e-mail us with any questions.

Thomas Feiter is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer and you will feel at ease knowing your case is in the hands of an expert like him.  Mr. Feiter has taken over 100 cases to trial and has overwhelming success in the courtroom.  Most cases do not need to go to trial.  But you need an attorney who is willing to push it all the way, if necessary.  Recently, we have had several cases get dismissed on the day of trial.  If your attorney does not like going to trial, they may persuade their client to take a deal.  If only you pushed it to trial, you may have received a better deal or the case may have been dismissed.

Don’t just hire a lawyer, hire a fighter.


Crimes and Defenses in Florida

Learn about levels of crimes, your rights, and what it means to have a criminal offense on your record. Learn About Crimes in Florida

crime defenses

Defenses to Crimes

Possible defenses to criminal accusations. Application of these defenses in your case will vary. View Crime Defenses

bond hearings

Orlando Bail Bond Lawyer

The bond hearing process, prosecutors, judges and what to expect if you need a hearing to get out of jail. Read about Bond Hearings

court procedure

Court Procedure

The standard life of a criminal case, including the investigation, arrest, pretrial and trial process, and appeals. Learn about Court Procedure

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