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Your loved one deserves the very best Orlando bond hearing lawyer.  Don’t settle for second best.  An experienced bond hearing lawyer will know what to prepare for the bond hearing.  They will know what to say – and how to say it.  Much depends on the judge and that judge’s particular preferences.

A bond hearing may be your one opportunity – after the initial appearance, of course – to make a well thought out and intelligent argument to the judge to set a bond or lower the one originally imposed.

You will want to have witnesses appear to testify on your behalf if you can.  You will want to have your lawyer know as many details about you and your family as possible.  Figure out what appeals to the judge who will be presiding over the hearing – and cater the presentation to the judge’s preferences.  Prepare photos and documents that may help show the judge that a bond is appropriate.

Presentation is key. It is one thing to hear a person (or a lawyer) say something in court.  It is another to put something physical into the judge’s hands (like a photo) for them to consider.  It’s the little things like that that can make all the difference in getting a bond or getting one reduced.

An experienced Orlando bond hearing lawyer will also know to talk to the prosecutor in advance.  If the defense lawyer can convince the prosecutor to agree on a bond or conditions, that’s half the battle.

If you hire us to get your loved one a bond or to try to get their existing bond reduced, we will be presentable in court, on time, and prepared.

The best advice is to get the best Orlando bond hearing lawyer you can afford to make an effective presentation to the Judge.  It could mean the difference between your loved one getting out of jail or staying in.  We offer free consultations.  Call us at 407-344-4837.

If you want to read up a bit on the law of bail bonds, here is a link to the statute.

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