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The Important Differences Between Sex Trafficking and Prostitution

Combating human trafficking and other sex-related crimes is an ongoing battle in Florida. It is essential to understand the critical differences between prostitution, which is considered voluntary, and the force, coercion, or entrapment of involuntary sex workers involved in human trafficking. In the United States, prostitution and human trafficking are both illegal. Still, these two ...
by Thomas Feiter - July 08th, 2022

What to Know About Florida’s Peeping Tom Laws

When an individual watches or ‘peeps’ into a home or otherwise non-public area to observe someone without their knowledge, they are committing the ‘Peeping Tom’ crime known as voyeurism. In Florida, the law clearly defines illegal acts of varying forms of voyeurism and the penalties one may face if they are up against these charges. ...
by Thomas Feiter - July 01st, 2022

Apple’s Safety Check Combats Domestic Abuse: Everything You Need to Know

Technology can sometimes make leaving domestic abuse situations difficult. Abusers can use tracking technology to not only keep an eye on victims, but to follow them when they attempt to leave. Apple has come out with a new feature to help address this issue. The new feature called Safety Check is designed to help people ...
by Thomas Feiter - June 15th, 2022

What Are the Consequences of Petit Theft in Florida?

Any criminal violation can negatively impact your life, including petit theft. People convicted of petit theft may find it difficult to find employment with this crime on their record—few employers want to hire people who may steal from them. However, a petit theft conviction doesn’t just hurt someone’s chance of employment; it may also result ...
by Thomas Feiter - June 08th, 2022

What Are the Consequences of Stealing From the Elderly in Florida?

Unfortunately, elder abuse and neglect are far too common, but not just in the typical way that people may be familiar with when it comes to abuse. Most people are familiar with physical, mental, and verbal abuse. However, there’s a form of abuse that’s just as incidence and less talked about—financial abuse. Typically financial abuse ...
by Thomas Feiter - June 01st, 2022

Can You Be Convicted of Burglary if You Didn’t Steal Anything?

When you hear the term burglary, you may envision someone breaking into a home or business and setting off alarms while stealing various items. Or, maybe you have seen movies portraying burglarizing and how individuals are caught and convicted for their crimes. In 2018 alone, Florida had 71,801 UCR burglary offenses reported. Although it may ...
by Thomas Feiter - May 22nd, 2022

6 Most Common Defenses Against Felony Theft in Florida

Theft occurs throughout the United States, typically involving various types of property. Each state has laws corresponding to the penalties and severity of charges one may face for committing specific crimes. However, law enforcement typically conducts an investigation when called to the scene of a crime and needs sufficient reason and lawful right to make ...
by Thomas Feiter - May 15th, 2022

Understanding Florida’s Felony Theft Threshold

When law enforcement responds to a call where individuals are accused of a crime, they rely on evidence and reason to determine if detaining the person accused is lawful. In theft-related cases, being accused of this crime and getting arrested can be very serious and lead to life-changing consequences. If you are facing charges for ...
by Thomas Feiter - May 08th, 2022

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