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What Effect Does Domestic Abuse Have on Children?

by Thomas Feiter - March 25th, 2021

Obtaining a Sexual Assault Injunction after an Assault on Campus in Florida

A recent survey of the prevalence of sexual violence on college campuses found that around 1 in 4 women experienced sexual assault while enrolled as undergraduates. The survey was conducted at 33 large, prominent universities—most of which had experienced a notable sexual violence scandal and had over 181,000 students. Fewer than 30% of women who ...
by Thomas Feiter - March 15th, 2021

How Domestic Violence Victims Can Use Social Media for Help

In the United States alone, a staggering 10 million people experience domestic violence each year, and law enforcement reports indicate that 15% of all violent crime cases in the country involve some form of intimate partner violence. These numbers have only increased as the pandemic worsened and forced millions to spend uninterrupted time in lockdown ...
by Thomas Feiter - March 05th, 2021

Twitch Streamers Are Being Harassed and Stalked Online

Online harassment has been a problem for as long as the internet has existed. Modern advancements in technology have made it easier for people all over the world to communicate with one another, but it comes at a price. Stalkers can present themselves anonymously or even pretend to be someone else, reducing their risk of ...
by Thomas Feiter - February 25th, 2021

How Online Stalkers May Use Dating Apps to Harass Victims

More than ever before, we have become reliant on technology to connect us with others, especially when it comes to forming relationships. Since the popularization of online dating in the early ’90s, meeting potential partners on the internet has become a well-established means of matchmaking. Today, modern singles have a variety of dating apps at ...
by Thomas Feiter - February 15th, 2021

Injunction against Stalking of Florida Senator Overturned

An appeals court has recently overturned an injunction against stalking that was obtained by Senator Lauren Book. The injunction was due to alleged stalking and repeated harassment in-person and over the internet from an anti-sex registry activist named Derek Warren Logue. The 8 to 3 ruling by the 4th District Court of Appeal states that ...
by Thomas Feiter - February 05th, 2021

What to Do If You’re Caught with a Firearm after an Injunction for Domestic Violence

In Florida, if you have a domestic violence injunction against you, whether your offense was a misdemeanor or felony, it is illegal to possess or operate a firearm. Even if your domestic violence injunction was for a non-violent offense, this law still applies. If you are caught in possession of a gun after a domestic ...
by Thomas Feiter - January 25th, 2021

Is It Legal to Shoot an Intruder Who Enters My Home in Florida?

Florida is a “stand your ground” state, meaning self-defense may be a viable option to potentially avoid the legal repercussions of an act that, in another context, would be unlawful. For example, shooting someone is an unlawful act. However, if that person was a home intruder—under Florida’s stand-your-ground laws—shooting them may be a legitimate form ...
by Thomas Feiter - January 15th, 2021

What Type of Domestic Violence Convictions Prevent Me From Owning a Gun?

Often, domestic violence convictions are accompanied by a multitude of repercussions. If you are convicted, one of the many consequences you’ll face is a loss of your gun rights. Under federal law, it is illegal for anyone convicted of a domestic violence crime—whether a felony or misdemeanor—to possess a gun or any other type of ...
by Thomas Feiter - January 05th, 2021

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