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Your Guide to Understanding the Stages in a Criminal Case

If you or someone you know is expected to participate in a criminal case, you may feel confused about the timeline or how it’s supposed to proceed. What are the main stages of a criminal case? Are there specific steps and preparations you should take to get the best possible outcome for the case? If ...
by Thomas Feiter - October 29th, 2022

Florida’s Self Defense Gun Laws Explained

If you own a gun in Florida, you may wonder whether self-defense with your firearm is permitted. For example, if an intruder comes into your home or vehicle, to what extent might you be able to use force against that individual? And if criminal charges are made, could you claim self-defense in a court of ...
by Thomas Feiter - October 15th, 2022

What to Know About Florida Drug Sniff Cases

If you have been arrested due to a dog drug sniff in Florida, or fear that you might be, you may want to feel well-informed. Confusion and overwhelm surrounding these circumstances are common, but many of us want to know which steps to take to avoid the worst consequences. What steps should you take after ...
by Thomas Feiter - October 01st, 2022

A Victim of Domestic Violence May Receive Compensatory and Punitive Damages Within 4 Years of the Abuse

 Domestic violence is a traumatizing experience that can significantly distress victims, their families, and their children. For many victims of domestic violence, coming to terms with their abuse and facing the pain they suffered is challenging. When individuals leave an abusive relationship, it may take them a bit of time to hold their abuser accountable ...
by Thomas Feiter - September 29th, 2022

5 Reasons to Hire an Injunction Attorney in Florida

An injunction, sometimes known as a restraining order, is a legal court order that instructs one party to do, or not do, specified things. An injunction can keep you and others, like children, safe from danger by requiring the person who poses a threat to refrain from contacting you or being near you, among other ...
by Thomas Feiter - September 15th, 2022

6 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer During a Consultation

When you’re facing criminal charges in Florida, more often than not, you’ll need an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The criminal defense lawyer you choose will have an impact on the outcome of your case. Therefore, you’ll have to consider certain factors to ensure that the lawyer you go for is the best fit for you ...
by Thomas Feiter - September 01st, 2022

What Happens if You Get Kicked Out of a Theme Park in Florida?

Florida’s theme parks offer ample opportunity to eat, drink, observe exhibitions, and enjoy rides. However, visitors need to be on their best behavior. Theme parks are private property, so those in charge have the authority to kick out visitors who do not comply with their rules. The consequences for breaking the rules can extend far ...
by Thomas Feiter - August 15th, 2022

What Happens if You Secretly Record a Conversation in Florida?

Today’s technology makes it easy to secretly record a conversation. People can use their cell phones or buy various electronic devices that allow them to capture video and audio footage of others. However, it’s not always legal to do so. Secretly recording a conversation in Florida, which has stricter laws than many other states, can ...
by Thomas Feiter - August 08th, 2022

Understanding Voyeurism and Its Associated Laws in Florida

If you have been charged with voyeurism, you might be unsure about what to do next. Voyeurism and related crimes are serious charges that can impact your life negatively in multiple ways if convicted. A conviction requires the prosecuting attorney to prove the victim had an expectation of privacy as related to the facts of ...
by Thomas Feiter - August 01st, 2022
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