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How to Prepare for a Domestic Violence Injunction Hearing

Domestic violence is a prevalent problem in American households. If you are a victim of domestic or dating violence, taking the legal steps to get out of your abusive relationship can feel overwhelming. However, the law provides protection and support to victims in the form of domestic violence injunctions. A permanent injunction or protective order, ...
by Thomas Feiter - August 10th, 2020

What to Know Before Filing a Protective Order in Florida

Feeling safe is an essential aspect of any relationship. While most people aim to surround themselves with healthy relationships, sometimes a relationship can unexpectedly become violent. Specifically, in the midst of a divorce, dynamics between a couple can become ugly and, in some cases, violent. In Florida, domestic violence is a widespread problem. According to ...
by Thomas Feiter - August 03rd, 2020

How to Fight an Injunction for Protection Against Stalking

Since stalking is a crime in Florida, the state will offer protective injunctions for victims. These injunctions may be permanent or temporary. A petitioner for an injunction against stalking must be able to provide credible evidence to obtain protection; however, if you are accused of stalking, you may defend yourself with a knowledgeable defense attorney ...
by Thomas Feiter - July 20th, 2020

Overturning a Florida Injunction on Appeal After Expiration

Petitions for protective injunctions are not reviewed lightly by judges because of the effects it can have on both parties involved. If someone is sexually abused or harassed by a family member, and a judge fails to provide necessary protection through a restraining order, the victim’s life can be put in extreme danger. While if ...
by Thomas Feiter - July 13th, 2020

What are the Penalties for Violating an Injunction in Florida?

In Florida, there are 5 types of protective injunctions orders– sexual violence, dating violence, repeat violence, stalking, and the most common, domestic violence. In general, protective injunctions, sometimes called restraining orders, are civil orders from the court that prohibit a respondent from performing such actions that harm or threaten the petitioner. Therefore, failing to comply ...
by Thomas Feiter - July 06th, 2020

Has Remote Work Impacted Injunctions for Domestic Violence Cases?

As social distancing and Stay-At-Home Orders have been set in place all over the world to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, schools and non-essential business have been forced to close their doors, sending millions of students and working Americans home. For those who may live at home with an abuser, going to school ...
by Thomas Feiter - June 22nd, 2020

What If You Get an Injunction and The Person Then Violates It

Far too many domestic violence victims are afraid of taking the step of filing an injunction against the person who is abusing them. Some don’t know where they’ll go next or rely on the abuser to help pay their rent. Getting a domestic violence injunction against them isn’t always an easy first step. For other ...
by Thomas Feiter - June 08th, 2020

West Palm Beach Woman Arrested for Stalking Former Boss

A fired Florida woman in West Palm Beach was arrested for stalking her former boss in an attempt to get her job back. The woman who was arrested was formerly the executive assistant to a real estate agent when an argument over sick leave and vacation time resulted in her termination. What started as seemingly ...
by Thomas Feiter - May 18th, 2020

The Pros and Cons of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

No one should have to experience domestic violence. The sad fact is that it happens far too often. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, an average of 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the U.S. In Florida, 34.2% of women and 24.6% of men experience intimate partner ...
by Thomas Feiter - May 11th, 2020

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