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Looking for an Orlando criminal defense lawyer? Attorney Thomas Feiter has significant experience in criminal trial defense.  Having worked for the government, in private practice, and taking over 80 cases to trial, we stand ready to put our experience to work for you or your loved one.  The attorney who handles the criminal case at the trial level is absolutely critical.  You want to hire the best attorney you can.  Waiting to see what happens at trial is not a good strategy.  Appeals are not second chances, so the lawyer you hire at trial matters.  Experience matters.  Be comfortable in the abilities of your lawyer or lawyers and take the time to research their past results. View our recent case results.

We have also helped many families with cases where the trial lawyer simply did not do a good job.  Appeals are perhaps more difficult than trials.  But this is mainly because the appeal case is limited to what came out during trial.  You do not necessarily get a second trial.  Appeals are done to see if there were any errors made during the trial phase of the case.  Maybe the judge made a bad ruling?  Maybe the judge erred in denying your motion to suppress or your motion for judgment of acquittal?  Maybe he struck a juror who should have been a member of your jury and had an opportunity to participate in the deliberations?  But if evidence was not presented (or objected to) during the trial, you may have forever waived your right to present it.  Every once in a while we will be able to find error that was so serious that a new trial is warranted.  But that is rare.  This is another reason why the trial lawyer you select now matters.  Call us to discuss.  407-344-4837.

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