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What County is Your Criminal Case In?

We help people in various counties throughout Florida, including (but not limited to) the following:

Orange County Osceola County Seminole County
Brevard County Lake County Volusia County


How we fight criminal charges for our clients

Criminal defense law is a broad and demanding area of law that can be confusing to non-lawyers.  We break it down and explain how the law and process applies to each individual client – so you don’t have to worry or stress over what is otherwise a very daunting and intimidating process.

Rest assured, criminal defense is our primary practice area and we are very experienced in trials and motions specifically on criminal cases. We know the processes and the prosecutors and the judges. We have been in business since 2011 and you are in good hands here – our online reviews confirm it.  Below is some more general information on the process.

When you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court, the reputation of the lawyer and  their skill with strategy are important to giving you the best odds for a positive outcome in your case. Keep in mind everyone has the right to representation.  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you.  That’s usually a public defender.  There are a lot of good public defenders out there.  However, allowing a public defender to represent you may not be your best option.

A private attorney has an additional incentive to working hard on your case – money.  Your case deserves the attention required to get you the best possible outcome.  Your attorney needs to care about your case.  Your attorney should fight for you – and explore all possible defenses and strategies.  Sometimes trial is your best option – but it’s not usually the only one.  Avoiding trial – and lessening your chances of a lengthy prison sentence – might be something that is in your best interests.  If you are being given a bad offer or one that is not acceptable to you, trial may be the only way.  If that is the case, you can rest assured that we will be ready.  We are not afraid of going to trial and we have done many in the past.  We are experienced and we are fighters.  That benefits you, our client.

Let us help you build your defense and navigate all the nuances of the criminal justice system to get you the best possible outcome. To see more about forming a defense and how we can help you please see our page on all available Florida defenses.

What charge(s) are you facing?

Select from the below charges. We have experience in them all.

Battery Burglary
Child Abuse
Conspiracy Domestic Violence
Driving Offenses Drug Crimes DUI
Federal Crimes Fraud Firearms Offenses
Manslaughter Murder Probation Violations (VOP)
Racketeering (RICO) Seal Expunge Records Sex Crimes
Shoplifting Tampering Trespass


What defenses do I have?

Here is a list of the most common defenses used in criminal cases.  Prosecutors and defense attorneys are all aware of them and when they might apply.  But a good criminal defense attorney will be able to figure out which apply to your case and plan a strategy around them.  We go through this list with all of our clients and explore all possible defenses as a team with you.

  1. Alibi – the classic criminal defense.  You basically have a great explanation of how “it wasn’t you” or “you were someplace else at the time of the crime and can prove it.”
  2. Entrapment – this one may require the filing of a motion and is common in drug and sex crimes.
  3. Duress or Necessity – if someone made you do it, or you had no choice but to commit a crime or face harm yourself, this defense may apply.
  4. Stand Your Ground – this is a more commonly used defense in Florida.  We have filed these motions very successfully in the past and have experience in handling them.
  5. Justifiable Use of Non-Deadly Force – Non-deadly force means force not likely to cause death or great bodily harm.
  6. Insanity – this defense may require an expert psychiatric or psychological evaluation.
  7. Independent Act – this is a more complex defense that requires that the act that constituted the crime was not what you intended – it was an “independent act.”  Not too common – but a good defense when it applies.
  8. Voluntary Intoxication – this is an old defense that only applies to crimes committed before 1999.

How do I find the right criminal defense lawyer?

In this digital age that we are all living in, Google and other search engines have become indispensable tools for when people are looking for reliable information about various services, including finding a criminal defense lawyer and what defenses may be available. Before a person becomes a client, they frequently turn to search engines to gather information, evaluate options, and ultimately hire the right attorney to protect their rights and interests – or the rights and interests of the person who needs representation. When it comes to hiring a criminal defense lawyer, this is what I have found to be most important to most people who are looking to hire a criminal defense attorney:

Understanding Criminal Law and Defenses

We recognize that people want to understand the law that applies to the jurisdiction or state or city in which they were arrested, or where their loved one was arrested.  Unless they are personally referred to an attorney by a friend or family member, they usually look for a criminal defense lawyer on Google to gain some understanding of criminal law. Often, they search for basic information to educate themselves about the legal process, different types of criminal charges, potential penalties, and their rights. Common search queries include “What does a criminal defense lawyer do?” or “Types of criminal charges and defenses.” This is often a good thing, because it allows sophisticated clients to prepare questions in advance for the attorneys.

Finding a Qualified Attorney Criminal Defense Lawyer

A significant portion of online searches related to hiring a criminal defense lawyer revolve around finding qualified legal professionals. People often search for “best criminal defense lawyers in [State, County or City]” or “top-rated criminal defense attorneys.” They are looking for attorneys with experience in handling criminal cases in that jurisdiction, a strong track record of success, and positive reviews from previous clients. These searches reflect the importance of reputation, expertise, and credibility in the selection process. Fighter Law checks every one of those boxes, by the way!

Specialization and Expertise

When searching for a criminal defense lawyer, individuals often look for attorneys who specialize in specific areas of criminal law, such as DUI defense, drug offenses, white-collar crimes, or domestic violence. Queries like “criminal defense lawyer for drug charges” or “DUI attorney near me” tell us that people recognize the value of hiring a lawyer with specialized knowledge and experience in their particular case. They seek attorneys who can offer tailored strategies and understand the nuances of the legal challenges they (or their loved ones) may be facing. Again, we check these boxes and seek to provide the very best for a presentation for every one of our clients.

Local Criminal Defense Lawyer Representation

Geographical proximity plays a crucial role in the decision-making process when hiring a criminal defense attorney. Many individuals search for lawyers in their local area to ensure accessibility, easy communication, and familiarity with local courts, judges, prosecutors and procedures. Searches like “criminal defense lawyer in [State, County or City]” or “criminal defense attorney near me” show the preference for local representation. Clients also often look for attorneys who are licensed to practice in their specific jurisdiction, recognizing the importance of having a lawyer who is well-versed in the local laws and regulations.

Cost and Affordability

Budgetary and financial considerations are important to most people when selecting a criminal defense lawyer. People frequently search for information regarding the cost of legal services, payment options, and potential discounts. Queries like “affordable criminal defense attorney” or “free legal aid for criminal charges” indicate that cost-conscious individuals are actively seeking affordable representation. Some may also search for information on pro bono services or public defenders, especially if they face financial constraints. While we are certainly sensitive to this fact, we recognize that we are not the most affordable option for most people. With our training, experience, and education in the local rules, and our knowledge of the law, as well as personal experiences and relationships with prosecutors and judges, we are usually more expensive than most private criminal defense law firms out there. However, most of our clients will agree that, like a very good/specialized physician, we are worth the money. We want to bring value to all of our clients, and earn on our fees.

Reputation and Credibility

At Fighter Law, we have a strong reputation within the legal community and positive testimonials from past clients. You are in good hands with us. In your research, you will see that we are all respected by judges, prosecutors, and other attorneys in town.

Communication Skills

We understand that effective communication is crucial in your case. We know you want an attorney who can clearly explain legal concepts, procedures, and potential outcomes in a way that you can understand. That is what we strive for here. Additionally, you can expect prompt responses to your inquiries and updates on your case’s progress throughout the process.


Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches related to hiring a criminal defense lawyer reflect the priorities and concerns of individuals navigating the legal system. People seek knowledge about criminal law, they search for qualified attorneys with relevant expertise, they prioritize local representation, and they consider affordability when making their selection. We understand these concerns of our potential clients and we want to tailor their experience to meet these concerns and needs. It is truly wonderful to have so much information available to us at our fingertips and we often encourage our clients to leverage the wealth of information available through online searches (when appropriate – not always!) to help us prepare the best legal defense for them in their case. After all, we consider the defense of your case or your loved ones case to be a team effort. Not only is it the responsibility of the attorney here and the paralegal, but also that of the client to provide us with the information that can best defend the criminal charges that are pending.



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