Orlando Shoplifting Defense Lawyer | FIGHTER LAW

Hire the best Orlando Shoplifting Defense Lawyer that you can find.  That is the best advice anyone can give you if you are arrested or have been charged with petty theft in Orlando.

A good defense attorney will be able to gather information on you to defend you against the charge.  We call this putting together a character portrait.  Most times, there is video evidence against people who are charged with shoplifting.  You might think that the case is over and that evidence will sink your defense.  Maybe.  Maybe not!

Even if the evidence is overwhelming, you may be able to get the charge dropped by getting into a pretrial diversion program.  Some counties call this pretrial intervention or county diversion program.  The most important thing to remember is that this may be an option if you do not have a criminal history.

Petty theft is a crime of dishonesty – which is another reason to get a good Orlando shoplifting defense lawyer. If you are convicted of this charge, it will severely affect your future.  Avoid a conviction – or even having to plead to petty theft – at all costs.