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In some situations, a person might feel filing and putting a restraining order into action is necessary. However, the individual on the receiving end of an injunction, like a restraining order, can fight against it. While this gives each side the right to make a strong case for their perspectives and needs through the legal system, this can also create a great deal of stress for each involved party. Stretching out the legal process can result in extended feelings related to confusion, overwhelm, frustration, and other adverse emotions.

But if you want to file or fight a restraining order, you will likely benefit from working with a restraining order lawyer. A lawyer can help assess your needs and build arguments in favor of your needs and wants, taking a significant amount of stress off your shoulders. The Orlando restraining order lawyers from Fighter Law can help you throughout the legal process, whether you wish to file a restraining order or need help defending against one that’s been filed. Our team can confidently lead you through the legal process and help you reach outstanding results.

Common Types of Restraining Orders in Florida

Restraining orders, also called injunction orders, can be used to protect victims at risk of physical, sexual, or emotional harm. These injunctions are filed as civil court orders, and they can be filed against many people, including a spouse, domestic partner, friend, or another individual.

But selecting the correct type of restraining order is essential if you want to receive adequate protection through the law. We encourage you to work with a restraining order lawyer for help making the proper selection and submitting the accurate information. Your attorney can also help you collect evidence and fight for your protection against the selected individuals.

Fighting a restraining order may also vary depending on the type and the details involved, so those wishing to fight an injunction will also benefit from working with a lawyer. Your lawyer can work hard to understand your case, develop strong defenses, and negotiate with other legal representatives on your behalf.

The different types of restraining orders in Orlando, Florida, include the following:

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order
  • Repeat Violence Restraining Order
  • Sexual Violence Restraining Order
  • Stalking Violence Restraining Order
  • Dating Violence Restraining Order

Some of these restraining orders are similar to each other and overlap in the actions you can take. Legal protections may be limited if the wrong one is selected or you prepare to fight against the wrong type.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for Help With a Restraining Order?

Whether you want to file and enact a restraining order or you need to fight against one placed against you, you can work with our restraining order attorneys in Orlando for assistance. Your lawyer can handle several aspects of your legal matters, such as joining or leading investigations, completing and filing the necessary paperwork, and speaking on your behalf. Your lawyer is there to prioritize your needs and reduce the stress you might experience during legal proceedings, allowing you to focus on your personal needs and tasks.

We recommend you avoid representing yourself during legal issues of any kind, including those involving restraining orders. Self-representation can significantly decrease your chances of success, but working with a lawyer can ensure that you receive fair and favorable representation based on your circumstances. We encourage you to retain assistance from a restraining order attorney to level the playing field against the other side.

You deserve fair representation and to practice your right to work with a lawyer, not facing complex legal matters alone. Speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible can improve the possibility of a positive outcome for your side. This can give your legal representation sufficient time to understand your situation as intimately as possible, allowing them to utilize their legal knowledge as effectively as possible. For more information about how Fighter Law can help, we encourage you to contact us.

Fighter Law Has Extensive Experience Handling Restraining Orders

If you are involved in the restraining order legal process, either as someone wishing to put one into action or as an individual who wants to fight one, we can help. The lawyers at Fighter Law are dedicated to working toward success for clients. We are proudly led by Attorney Thomas Feiter, who sets the example for leading and supporting each individual through every step of the legal process. Our team proudly serves Orlando and several areas around Florida, and we would be honored to represent you during this time.

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