Domestic Violence

Were you arrested for domestic violence? When the police are called due to a domestic violence allegation, they almost always arrest the accused person. It is important that you do not give a statement to the police or anyone else until you have contacted a lawyer.

We have a unique understanding of how these cases are prosecuted, which helps us develop the best defenses available for clients facing domestic violence charges.

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I was angry with my partner and lied to the police, what now?

First, falsifying a police report is a crime and for that reason it is suggested that you talk to an attorney before doing anything else. It’s usually free after all!

While domestic violence is a serious matter, there are many cases in which a couple may have gotten lost in the heat of the argument and the police were called. Angry at your partner, you made a false claim against them, and lied to the police. Now your partner is facing domestic violence charges and the following may occur:

  • he/she lost their job
  • he/she now has a criminal record
  • you most likely will need bail money
  • you should hire a criminal defense attorney
  • you will likely have to go out of pocket thousands of dollars

How do I get domestic violence charges dropped?

  1. sign a declination of prosecution
  2. contact a criminal defense attorney
  3. consider hiring your own attorney

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence involves an act or accusation of violence against a person’s spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, or someone in the same household. In Florida, there are two main types of domestic violence charges:

  • Battery: Battery is typically a first-degree misdemeanor resulting from an accusation of non-consensual contact with a person or intentionally causing bodily harm to a person. The charge can stem from a minor incident such as grabbing a person’s arm.

  • Strangulation: Strangulation is a felony charge resulting from an accusation of choking or attempting to choke a person using hands.

A domestic violence arrest can often result in an injunction (restraining order). Even if your spouse or significant other wishes to drop the charges, the prosecution may still fight hard against you. At The Fighter Law Firm, P.A., we understand how extremely inconvenient and upsetting a domestic violence arrest is, as well as the intensive and costly Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) that is mandatory for many people convicted of domestic violence charges.

We know that your family and freedom are important to you, even if you are going through a divorce or other family law matter. We will negotiate with the prosecutors and aggressively work to have your charges reduced or dismissed. Don’t let a domestic violence charge affect your job, your custody of your children and other important areas of your life.

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