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Hire the best Orlando DUI Defense Attorney that you possibly can.  It might make the difference between walking away from your arrest with zero criminal history – or having a criminal conviction on your record for the rest of your life.

DUIs in Florida are no joke.  If you are convicted of a DUI, that means you can never have that sealed or expunged off your record – ever!  Not only will your driving privileges be lost, but you will have to do probation, community service and a bunch of other stuff that you really want to try to avoid.

If you refused to blow or you blew really high, there are still plenty of defenses out there.  Don’t think that it is pointless to hire a lawyer.  Body camera videos are the not the end all be all.  Many times, they actually help the defense because there is something on them that the officer did wrong!

The field sobriety exercises are mishandled all the time.  Case law changes on DUIs each week.  You will want your attorney to be aware of what to look out for when researching your case.  We pride ourselves on knowing what to look for and finding weaknesses in the State’s case against you.  We also have a reputation of going to trial and winning.  We fight for every case we have – and we fight hard.

We have defended many people arrested for DUI here in Central Florida and we want to be your Orlando DUI Defense Attorney.  We know how to properly conduct formal review hearings and trials for DUIs.  Don’t go it alone or with a lawyer who does not have the proper experience.  Attorney Thomas Feiter was a DUI Specialist when he was prosecutor for the State of Florida and he brings that knowledge to your side.  Call today for a free consultation at 407-344-4837.

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