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A good Orlando bail bond lawyer can make all the difference between your loved one getting out jail and them staying in longer than they have to.  Our lawyers are all former government or military lawyers and they have the experience to get the best possible outcome at the bail bond hearing.

A bail bond is a way of the court making sure the person arrested (the defendant) comes back to court and settles the matter with the State of Florida or the United States.  Some jurisdictions have set bail bond schedules or rules regarding pretrial release for people arrested.  An experienced Orlando bail bond lawyer will be familiar with what is a reasonable dollar amount.

On top of the monetary bond, the judge can impose other conditions.  Things like no contact, no hostile contact, no return to the scene, no return to the home, no alcohol, curfews, ankle monitors, GPS tracking, travel restrictions, they can take your passport, and many more.

Aside from monetary bonds, the judge may allow you to be released on your own recognizance (in other words, just go and come back . . . or else) or they may put you on some kind of county pretrial release program.  Being released on your own recognizance is as good as it gets.  But don’t rush to take pretrial release.  Some of the sanctions and restrictions that those programs offer can be worse than paying a bond.  It may save you money now, but you will just end up back in jail if you violate any one of their many conditions.  Hiring a trustworthy bail bond company might be the better option.

These are just the basics of bail bonds.  There is certainly more to it.  The best thing you can do is to speak with an experienced Orlando bail bond lawyer.  They should know the judge and what the judge likes/needs to hear in order to get you the best possible outcome.

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