Gabrielle “Gabby” Calicdan, an Orlando, FL native, has been deeply involved in the legal field since her freshman year of high school through the law magnet program at Boone High School. Her early dedication has paved the way for a passion in various areas of law, including bankruptcy, military, contracts, and criminal law.

Currently attending Barry Law School, Gabby is furthering her legal education while serving as the executive assistant to Attorney Tom Feiter at Fighter Law. Her role combines her extensive knowledge and administrative skills, making her a vital part of the team.

In her free time, Gabby enjoys a diverse range of activities that reflect her dynamic personality. She practices the art of Kung Fu, loves cooking, and takes meticulous care of her Bonsai tree. Additionally, she engages in weightlifting, explores new restaurants, and cherishes time spent with friends. As a member of Make Us Visible Florida, Gabby is actively involved in advocating for inclusive representation in her community.

One of Gabby’s proudest achievements is graduating high school with her Associate of Arts (AA) degree, demonstrating her dedication and hard work from a young age.

Gabrielle Calicdan’s blend of legal passion, academic achievement, and vibrant personal interests make her an invaluable asset to Fighter Law, contributing to the firm’s success and dynamic environment.

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