Melissa Madera is the Office Manager for Fighter Law.

She was born in Queens, New York and has lived in Central Florida since 2002. Melissa is a proud sibling to five brothers, and her strong familial ties trace back to the Dominican Republic.

Ms. Madera has over 9 years experience managing The Law Office of Jessica Travis, P.A., before that firm merged with Fighter in mid 2023.

Melissa loves turtles and has a golden doodle named Morty, who has become an inseparable part of her daily adventures.

Melissa’s sense of style shines through her passion for mismatched socks, a charming expression of her unique personality. Beyond her vibrant personal quirks, she also thrives as a dedicated real estate agent. Her commitment to her clients and her knack for finding the perfect match between individuals and their dream homes is a testament to her professionalism and determination.

While Melissa is driven by her career, she values personal growth just as much. In her spare time, she loves to read, finding solace and inspiration in books. She’s an advocate for holistic development, constantly seeking ways to expand her mind and nurture her physical well-being.

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