Avoid Getting Injured at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando

As Halloween approaches this year, the familiar scary attractions draw visitors and set the spooky Halloween mood. Universal Orlando is a major player in contributing to such creepy clownery, and the park is known for all kinds of spectacular performances.

Protect Yourself from Injury at Universal Orlando This Halloween Season

Even when everyone is in the mood to celebrate the season, there are some unfortunate events that will not leave your more sinister side so satisfied. We will discuss some measures you can take to prevent personal injury to you and your loved ones at Universal Orlando this Halloween season.

Carefully Read the Liability Waiver

The liability waiver must show you all of its terms clearly. The park is obligated to display all of its terms in normal print, and it may not use any fine print to conceal terms. The park must obtain written signatures of consent from each of its guests, including having adults sign for minors. The park must train each machine operator properly, and the staff and workers must be instructed on how to treat the guests. For example, the staff cannot physically touch the guests. The liability waivers also must include addendums for warning guests with certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, artificial limbs, and anything else related to their well-being.

Along with reading the waiver in its entirety, it is also a good idea to inspect any food or drink bought from the park before consuming it. The park and its staff sell countless food items, and the park can be liable if the guests experience food poisoning.

Watch Out for Slippery Surfaces

The park creates a scary Halloween atmosphere by obscuring some of the environment with fog, angled mirrors, and darkness. Fog machines, when left running for an extended amount of time, can cause slippery and slimy walking surfaces. Since slip-and-fall injuries are some of the most common injuries reported by guests in Halloween-themed scare parks, it can be a good idea to walk slowly through attractions and watch where you are going.

Also, be on the lookout for malfunctioning equipment or props. Some of the more intricate attractions can employ complicated networks of props to set the mood for the guests. Since the attractions are set to work for over a month of constant use, minor malfunctions are likely to occur. Be especially on the lookout for exposed wires.

Be Respectful of the Park and Its Staff

The park is designed to be enjoyed by guests and immerse them in the ghastly thrill of Halloween. You should be respectful and decent to those around you. Do not put yourself or others at risk of injury. For example, physically provoking your favorite character on a high-speed chase through a maze could cause an impact with another guest or damage to the park equipment. Do not make the park unsafe for you and those around you. In addition, this kind of behavior can void your safety waiver, causing you to get kicked out of the park or incur fines and fees for the damage and personal injury that you caused.

There are over ten main attractions at Halloween Horror Nights this year. Make sure you take care of yourself. Have fun and be safe.

Contact an Attorney at Fighter Law Today If You Were Injured at Universal

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