Breaking Down Attorney-Client Privilege: What It Means and How It Can Affect Your Case

Navigating a criminal trial can be stressful and intimidating. No matter the reason, being hesitant to talk to anyone during the process is understandable. However, when faced with tremendous uncertainty about your future and the legal repercussions of your criminal case, it is important to understand your rights and who you can trust to protect you and your story.

Attorney-client privilege refers to the ability to speak freely with your legal advisor with the promise of complete confidentiality. There may be hesitancy when it comes to fully disclosing details about your life pertaining to a criminal matter, but understanding the full scope of attorney-client privilege may alleviate some of those concerns. 

How Far Does Attorney-Client Privilege Extend? 

Whether the correspondence is written or verbal, if you are conversing with a legal advisor in a professional capacity, attorney-client privilege is applicable. This includes free consultations. Your attorney cannot discuss the specifics of your case to anyone outside of their firm without written permission, which leaves you with full control of your story. 

Depending on the state, there are different situations in which client-attorney privilege might not be applicable. If you are speaking with an attorney as a friend or acquaintance, you are not legally protected with attorney-client privilege at that time. Other extenuating circumstances in which your attorney legally has to break confidentiality in Florida include the following: 

  • They believe you have reasonable cause to hurt yourself
  • They believe you have reasonable cause or have expressed blatant plans to hurt others

Otherwise, your attorney is there to listen and be a guide. Anything you tell them falls within the scope of attorney-client privilege and will remain a secret. Even if you book a free consultation and end up going with a different firm, they do not have the right to share your information publicly. Often, an experienced attorney will encourage this upfront behavior, as it is likely a fully honest understanding of your story will be beneficial to your case. 

How The Rules of Attorney-Client Privilege Can Positively Affect Your Case

In order to properly represent you and land you the best possible outcome for your criminal case, an attorney most likely will need the full story, so you should not spare any details when discussing your case with them. Though your criminal defense attorney may not explicitly use all the information you are providing, it can be helpful when it comes to indirectly shaping your case. Withholding vital details out of fear can help you secure a lesser sentence or even a plea bargain. 

Knowing your rights when it comes to the attorney-client privilege may help to satiate any hesitation when it comes to speaking with your attorney. After all, they are there to fight for your case and your rights. 

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