Drunken Woman Assaults Police Officer in Florida

A Florida woman recently assaulted a police office after refusing to leave a restaurant and is now facing criminal charges. The woman reportedly was asked to leave a local restaurant after employees saw her acting out while intoxicated. When she refused to leave, the restaurant decided to call police.

When the police arrived, they issued the woman a trespass warning, but she continued to remain at the bar of the restaurant and use profanity. According to reports, the woman was slurring her speech and had difficulty holding up her head.

The police decided to arrest her after she continued to refuse to leave. As the officers tried to remove her from the building, the woman struggled with them by dragging her feet and going to limp. According to police reports, she kicked an officer twice. She also grabbed members of the fire department in an “aggressive” manner.

The actions of the woman have led to several felony charges, including battering a police officer. These charges can carry long-term consequences and can seriously impact the future of those charged with such crimes. In these situations, it is important for those charged to work with an experienced criminal attorney to ensure they understand their legal options.

Criminal felony charges can carry a variety of consequences. Skilled attorneys advise their clients of the penalties they could be facing as well as craft a strong defense. In many cases, a plea negotiation may be available in order to avoid a long and costly criminal trial. A criminal defense lawyer can also look into the facts surrounding the arrest of their client to ensure that the client’s rights were upheld during the process.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel,”Intoxicated, foul-mouthed woman refused to leave eatery, kicked Orlando cop, police say,” Dec. 14, 2012


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