Former NBA Star Loses Job After DUI

Former professional basketball player Kenny Anderson has been released from his coaching position at a private, religious school after he was arrested for allegedly drinking and driving on April 27 in Florida. Prior to the drunk-driving charges, he coached at the small school for two years. However, his record was 7-9 in the first season and 1-14 in his second year.

School officials insist that his dismissal was because of two separate drinking and driving arrests. His first arrest occurred in Dec. 2011 after he plowed into two trees. However, because he fled the scene of the accident and was charged accordingly, he did not face DUI charges. No one was hurt in either case.

The school was concerned about protecting their reputation and wasted no time in releasing a statement regarding their intentions to release him. The former NBA pro with 14 years in the league has made no statements on his future plans.

Although he did not align himself directly with the school’s religion, school authorities seemed happy to find a reputable coach of Anderson’s caliber. For his part, he seemed happy to spend some time establishing his coaching career.

When a professional person is arrested after a DUI or other felony, they face the possibility of losing their job. Felonies can especially affect those in the medical, legal and education field or someone who drives for a living. They might be able to benefit from professional legal counsel who might be able to work out a plea agreement with the prosecution and request a reduction in charges.

Source: Sun Sentinel,Ex-NBA star Kenny Anderson fired from Posnack after arrest, Wayne K. Roustan and Dave Brousseau, May 2, 2013

Source: Orlando Sun-Sentinel, “Ex-NBA star Kenny Anderson fired from Posnack after arrest“, Wayne K. Roustan and Dave Brousseau, May 02, 2013


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