Injured Defendant Receives 11-Year Prison Term

A 33-year-old Brooksville area man was recently sentenced to an 11-year prison term for felony DUI manslaughter and related charges after an accident that resulted in the death of his friend, who was a passenger in the vehicle. Clad in a helmet and restricted to a wheelchair due to the extensive injuries sustained from the April incident in which he lost control of and flipped his Ford Taurus after swerving to avoid a police vehicle, the defendant heard testimony from the deceased’s older brother and made a contrite open plea before the judge handed down his sentence; his license was also permanently revoked.

Florida law, like all other states, has a maximum allowable blood alcohol content limit of .08 percent. However, the defendant’s BAC level readings registered at .124 and .121 percent at the time of the incident.

The defendant’s family expressed concern regarding the negative impact a harsh sentence would have on him. He was receiving helpful treatment in a nursing home, but that treatment did not continue in custody as he was relocated to county jail. While the maximum penalty for this particular charge could have been a life sentence, which was requested by the decedent’s brother, an 11-year sentence is nevertheless a sizable one that will greatly impact the defendant’s future prospects.

A criminal defense attorney can help clients who face serious charges, such as those faced by the Brooksville area individual. In similar cases, a skilled attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution in order to lessen charges and negotiate a reduction in penalties.

Source:, “DUI crash leads to 11 years in prison,” Wendy Joan Biddlecombe, Dec. 28, 2012


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