Man Charged with Drug Sales Near Broward County School

Law enforcement officials discovered $3,000 in cash, marijuana and other drugs inside the residence of a man who lives near a Broward County High School. The man now faces drug charges, which can be enhanced due to state laws that increase penalties for anyone who sells drugs within 1,000 feet of a school. The maximum penalty for selling marijuana near a school is 15 years in prison.

According to police reports, the defendant allegedly sold marijuana to an undercover deputy of the sheriff’s office in early September. Investigators continued to look into his actions until they finally arrested him on Oct. 23. In addition to the cash and drugs, which included Ecstasy and “mushrooms,” law enforcement personnel also found scales and supplies to package the drugs. The defendant admitted that the drugs were his and that he had been selling marijuana.

The judge set bond at $14,600. If the man pays the bond, the judge also asked for verification of the source of the money to ensure its legality. He emphasized he did not want the defendant to use drug money to pay for his release from custody.

Like other states, Florida enforces mandatory sentencing laws related to drug charges. These serious consequences quickly escalate when drug sales occur near a school. A criminal defense attorney can help ensure that the rights of a defendant are protected throughout the court process. Lawyers know the statutes related to drug crimes and can effectively negotiate with prosecutors and other law enforcement officials for a possible plea agreement. And if a plea agreement is not the best option, an attorney can help an individual prepare to defend him or herself at trial.
Source: Sun Sentinel, “Man accused of dealing drugs near Pompano school,” Ihosvani Rodriguez, Oct. 24, 2012


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