Orlando Woman Believed to Play Major Role in Drug Traffic Ring

Police officers alleged that an Orlando woman was in charge of finances for a group that brought thousands of pounds of marijuana into Florida and for laundering the group’s money. According to the report, agents with the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation have been investigating the woman for years.

The woman allegedly deposited approximately $3.3 million at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas between 2010 and 2012. She redeemed a number of winning lottery tickets over the years, one of which resulted in a violent home invasion in 2009. The woman claimed that she was from Jamaica but had lived in the United States for 20 years. She had allegedly run a concert promoting business as a front for the drug ring.

After undercover agents were able to infiltrate the group, the MBI are expected to bring charges against 50 people. Charges range from racketeering to trafficking marijuana. Officers still do not have answers to a number of questions associated with the case. For example, officers have known about the group since 2006 but still do not know the woman’s true identity.

The report indicated that, as gangs become involved in more sophisticated criminal activity, women are thought to have become more involved. Florida, for example, has had several high-profile cases where woman had played a lead role.

The state of Florida takes drug cases incredibly seriously. Those who are involved in drug trafficking crimes may face an extended time in prison and be required to pay a hefty time. In addition, those who are convicted also will also have a criminal record. A Florida criminal defense attorney may help their client by either challenging the charges or seeking a reduced sentence if a conviction seems likely.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Local woman is crime kingpin, cops say“, Amy Pavuk, October 26, 2013


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