Orlando Woman Charged with Attempted Murder and Domestic Assault

On Jan. 10, an Orlando woman was arrested and charged with second-degree attempted murder and domestic violence battery against her husband. Each of these is a serious criminal charge in itself, and she was held without bond in the Orange County jail. The charges were brought after it was alleged that the woman cut her husband’s arm with a knife following a disagreement over who would pay their car insurance bill.

The charges levied against this woman will require a very good criminal defense. The second-degree attempted murder charge is a felony and could result in a lengthy prison sentence if the woman is convicted. The strange thing about this case is that during the alleged domestic assault, the husband only received a minor cut to his forearm. However, authorities decided that this minor cut was enough for an attempted murder charge.

The domestic violence battery charge also carries a stiff penalty for anyone convicted of the crime. Domestic violence charges often carry immediate consequences in addition to those that may be implemented should a person be convicted. Police are often required to arrest someone when there is a report of domestic violence. Because of that, however, a person may end up being arrested when they have not actually committed a crime.

Anyone faced with the long-term consequences of crimes such as second-degree attempted murder and domestic violence battery can seek assistance through a criminal defense attorney. Both of these charges carry substantial penalties if a person is convicted, and, unfortunately, officers all too often only hear one side of the story before making an arrest. It’s important that both sides be heard.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Woman charged with trying to kill husband,” Arelis R. Hernández, Jan. 11, 2013


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