Pharmacy Raid Results in Prescription Drug Trafficking Charges

A Florida pharmacy has been raided by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI), resulting in the arrest of two pharmacists. They have each received a prescription drug trafficking charge. This pharmacy is the fourth to be raided after an investigation had been conducted on two suspected drug-trafficking ringleaders.

According to reports, one of the ringleaders had admitted to printing fake descriptions and filling them in pharmacies across central Florida. Investigators have also determined that the ringleaders paid others to visit doctors in order to obtain subscriptions for powerful drugs and retrieve the medication from the pharmacies. Authorities have been investigating the case since 2011.

The fake prescriptions often contained misspelled information, including the names of legitimate doctors and requesting drugs in deadly quantities. One doctor, whose name had appeared on the prescription, stated that the two pharmacists should have known that the requested amount of medication was dangerous. Further, the drugs were sold to the ringleaders and their associates at prices four times their value, indicating that they were filling the prescriptions for monetary gain.

Another pharmacy, which had been raided earlier this year, had also been raided after a pharmacist filled fake prescriptions for the two ringleaders. Due to the recent investigations, the numbers of pain management clinics, which often act as pill-mills, have been reduced from 60 to just 23.

If an individual is convicted of a drug charge, they face serious penalties. These can include jail sentences, fines and a criminal record. An experience Florida attorney may be able to help their client by building a strong defense and questioning the evidence. With the client’s cooperation, the lawyer may be able to work towards the best possible outcome and protect their client’s rights.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Agents raid south Orange pharmacy, arrest pair“, Amy Pavuk, June 04, 2013


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