In Florida, divorce is called dissolution of marriage.  I am often asked about annulments, which are possible.  However, most of our practice involves dissolutions of marriage.  Before beginning the divorce process, we always recommend trying to salvage the marriage – particularly when there are children involved.  One method you may consider is participating in couple’s therapy. When that is no longer possible, come talk to us.  We are here to help.

Divorce cases fall under two general categories: contested and uncontested.  If you agree on everything, the process will be much simpler (and cheaper!) because it will be an uncontested dissolution.  If, however, you cannot agree on even one thing, the entire case shifts to become a contested dissolution of marriage.  Contested dissolution cases are more expensive because more time is required of the attorneys, and it can be a long wait before hearing time is available before the Judge assigned to your case.

Additionally, the more assets the parties (meaning the spouses) have, the more complicated the process can be.  Children almost always result in cases being contested.  Owning real estate or a business has almost the same effect.  The ability to categorize assets as either marital (meaning assets acquired during the marriage) and premarital (meaning the assets you each owned prior to entering the marriage) is critical.  Fighting over inexpensive assets is rarely worth the frustration.  In the end, the best way to get divorced is to agree.

At the Fighter Law Firm, we understand that not all people can reach amicable agreements in divorce cases.  When that time comes, we are here to help.  Our mission is to fight and win your case.