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If you want to file for divorce, you need to know what to expect or how to prepare, especially if you would like to streamline the legal process for yourself. However, what happens if you and your spouse cannot reach a complete agreement? There are several complex factors to consider, such as kids, different assets, and other aspects that may serve as significant sources of contention between you and your spouse. So what can you do to reduce stress for yourself?

At Fighter Law, we know how complicated and stressful divorce can be for most couples. Our clients trust us to work hard and bring them success. Our board-certified team has access to significantly valuable resources, strategies, and other information you may utilize to your advantage.

What Happens to Assets During a Divorce in Orlando?

The more assets that each spouse has in a divorce case, the more complicated the process can be. Children almost always result in cases being contested. Owning real estate or a business has almost the same effect.

The ability to categorize assets as either marital or premarital is critical. Marital assets are those that were acquired during the marriage, whereas premarital are ones that each party owned before the marriage. We strongly recommend you work with a Orlando divorce lawyer for assistance during this process, as assets can be a significant point of contention for many people.

What Steps Should You Follow During the Divorce Process in Orlando?

If you want to undergo the divorce process in Orlando, there are several steps you should take to help make sure you have as stress-free a process as possible. These may also help you end on more amicable terms and streamline the legal process.

Seek Couples Counseling

If you have not already, we recommend you seek couples counseling before filing for divorce. This may help resolve any underlying issues you haven’t addressed, facilitate healthier communication, and reduce stress for all parties involved. If you have children, we especially recommend trying to reach a more beneficial agreement and considering staying together.

Attempt to Come to an Agreement

Divorce cases fall under two general categories: contested and uncontested. If you agree on everything, the process will be much simpler—and cheaper!—because it will be an uncontested dissolution. If, however, you cannot agree, the entire case shifts to become a contested dissolution of marriage. Contested dissolution cases are more expensive because more time is required of the attorneys, and it can be a long wait before hearing time is available before a judge is assigned to your case.

Avoid Discussing Legal Matters With Others

Whenever you become involved in legal matters, it’s best to avoid discussing your case with anyone. Though the legal process may feel overwhelming and you would like comfort from friends or family members, this may damage your overall privacy and ability to portray your circumstances accurately.

Instead, we recommend only speaking about your legal matters with your family lawyer. Working with a divorce attorney allows you to maintain privacy and disclose all the information about your situation without introducing significant risk. This will likely enable you to receive a more favorable and fair portion of any assets.

Stay Off Social Media

While not many individuals know this, it’s helpful to stay off social media whenever you are involved in legal matters. Even if you keep everything private, your posts feel unrelated, or you take other measures to avoid prying eyes, anything you put online can and will be used against you.

Because of the associated risks, many people choose to log out of or disable their social media accounts during legal matters. We encourage you to take similar action, especially if you think you may fall subject to temptation.

Work With a Orlando Divorce Lawyer

By speaking with and retaining a divorce attorney, you give yourself several advantages over representing yourself. Your divorce lawyer in Orlando may be able to help you in several ways, including the following:

  • Legal knowledge
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Completing and filing paperwork
  • Maintaining your schedule and appointments
  • Handling other legal representatives
  • Protecting your rights and financial interests
  • Providing you with helpful information
  • Providing access to information
  • Reducing stress
  • Maximizing the value of your asset division

It’s best to contact a Orlando divorce lawyer as soon as possible to maximize the odds of success in your divorce case. Representing yourself may result in lost assets and misrepresentation in legal settings.

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