UCF – Student Arrests Can Affect Standing with the University of Central Florida

If you are a student currently attending the University of Central Florida (UCF) here in Orlando, Florida, and you are arrested for any crime, it could get back to the University and their office of student conduct. You may have to answer questions about the circumstances of your arrest, which could result in disciplinary action against you. Disciplinary actions can range from a simple admonishment from the University, to probation, suspension or even expulsion from school. UCF publishes it’s Golden Rule Handbook which contains various policies and procedures about the School and it’s Office of Student Conduct. You can find information on that topic here http://goldenrule.sdes.ucf.edu/

I have represented UCF students arrested for various crimes. Simple possession of alcohol by a person under 21, possession of cannabis or marijuana, cocaine, alprazolam and other controlled substances, sex crimes, DUI, open house parties, and so on. Some get reported to the University and others do not. I cannot explain why that it is. All I know is that if you do go before the school, you should understand their policies and procedures. Disciplinary actions at the university level can affect your ability to attend graduate school or obtain professional licenses – so it should be taken seriously.



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