Woman Charged After Agents Discover Meth Lab in Her Home

According to a report, a 43-year-old woman from Florida was taken into police custody on Dec. 9 after narcotics agents discovered that she had a meth lab at her residence. The agents were notified of potential drug activity by an anonymous complaint.

Agents went to the woman’s home on Dec. 9. During a discussion with the woman, police say she stated that there were not drugs or other illegal items within the home. When agents asked if they could search her home, she agreed and let them in. Once inside, the recovered a number of items that were associated with meth cooking, including digital scales, Sudafed, coffee filters and a variety of other evidence in the woman’s bedroom. In addition, they also recovered 4 grams of meth in plastic bags.

The woman faces multiple charges from the incident, including manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was booked on $95,000 bond. At the time this occurred, she was reportedly out on bond for separate incidents and was already facing other drug charges.

The state of Florida takes allegations of drug possession and drug manufacturing seriously. Those who face a drug charge potentially face extended prison sentences, probation, fines and a criminal record. Also, drug convictions on the person’s criminal record may make it difficult for them to find adequate employment or housing later on.

An attorney may be able to help a client reduce the potential consequences of a drug charge. For example, if the prosecution has strong evidence, the attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution for a plea deal that would offer a reduced sentence.

Source: Fox, “Woman arrested after meth lab found in Oak Hill home “, December 10, 2013


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