3 Types of Expert Witnesses Used in Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury attorneys handle a wide range of different matters. The statutory and case law in Florida surrounding personal injury matters is extremely complex. Often, the facts of the case and the injury itself are also intricate and may require review from expert witnesses. 

What Is an Expert Witness in Florida?

The Florida Evidence Code and surrounding case law govern the types of witnesses and testimony allowed in personal injury suits. An “expert witness” is exactly what it sounds like. This type of witness has the competency, education, experience, training, or knowledge to testify about particular issues in a specific field. 

For example, different experts may be required for a car accident case vs. a case related to medical malpractice. Expert witnesses are retained by the parties to review case files and potentially render expert opinions on matters that arise from the facts and discovery in a case. They may even be speaking in front of a jury on your behalf, should your matter go to trial.

What Types of Expert Witnesses Are Used in Florida Personal Injury Cases?

Numerous experts can testify in a personal injury case, all of which cannot be listed here. However, here are some of the more common types of experts.

Medical Experts for Personal Injury 

Healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, dentists, and more, are the most commonly known experts. Not just any healthcare provider can talk about any healthcare issue. For example, if a case deals with an infectious disease medicine type of issue, it would likely be improper for a cardiologist or neurologist to testify as to the infectious disease issues. 

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and/or speech therapists are often retained to testify about “damages” issues. They often testify about how an injury has impacted mobility or function. 

Experts Related to Motor Vehicle Accidents for Personal Injury 

Car crashes and resulting injuries happen, unfortunately. Some specific experts can evaluate the car crash, records, testimony, and more to help support your case and your recollection of the accident.

Economists / Life Care Planners for Personal Injury 

Economists and Life Care Witnesses also comment on “damages,” including future damages (expected to be incurred in the future due to the injury). 

An economist often testifies the economic impact a personal injury may have on a person’s life. For example, they can give details on lost wages (e.g., if someone cannot work or their ability to work is impacted) and the future economic impact of an injury.

Life Care Planners review a case and help create a life care plan. A life care plan is a plan for future medical care required due to a personal injury. For example, this can include what the injured person will need to manage their disability, such as daily or monthly medical supplies, modifications to the home, car, and more. A good economist or life care planner can be all the difference in making sure you get everything you deserve—now and in the future—due to your injury. 

Contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney for Help With Your Case

Unfortunately, personal injury matters are sometimes known for being a battle of the experts. Without a doubt, they can make or break a case. Personal injury attorneys are essential in helping you litigate a matter.

Not only do personal injury attorneys help evaluate and fight for you in the courts, but experienced attorneys like the lawyers at Fighter Law can guide you through expert discovery and find the best experts for your case. Contact Fighter Law at (407) 449-1574 or via our online contact form


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