How Soon Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer after a Car Crash?

Millions of car crashes occur every year. Sometimes, the accident is just a minor fender bender. Unfortunately, other cases may result in a range of injuries, from minor bumps and bruises to more debilitating disabilities or even death.

If you have sustained personal injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident, you could be entitled to compensation or damages. Contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible will help you preserve and understand your rights and get you the compensation you are owed. Waiting, on the other hand, can be disastrous.

How a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer After a Crash

After a car accident, you must consider numerous issues and key deadlines imposed by insurance companies and law, which can impact your right to recovery. 

For example, it’s commonly known that auto insurance coverage is required to legally drive in the state of Florida. A driver is required to have both personal injury protection and property damage liability protection. However, drivers are not required to carry insurance for “bodily injury.” Notably, some drivers do carry such insurance. This type of insurance can cover medical bills resulting from a collision. If a driver does not have such insurance, there are other options for recovery and compensation. 

Like all insurance policies, auto insurance coverage can be very confusing. This is more reason to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after a car crash and injury. 

How Quickly Should I Contact a Florida Attorney After the Crash?

It bears repeating that you should contact an attorney as soon as possible following an accident. Not only are there legal deadlines (discussed below), but even insurance companies have certain time requirements that can impact your recovery. For example, insurance requires that you seek medical care within 14 days after an accident, or you may be foregoing a significant portion of your claim, if not all of it. 

Understanding the Statute of Limitations for a Florida Car Accident

Yet another reason to contact an attorney for a free consultation is Florida’s statute of limitations. According to Florida law, a plaintiff must file a personal injury suit within four years of the accident.

At first glance, the law related to statute of limitations might seem fairly simple, but it is surprisingly complex and a common battleground for attorneys in injury matters. Not only that, but there are additional limits, deadlines, and differing rules for minors, which further complicate the matter. 

For these reasons, even if you’re not sure if it is an actual injury as defined by law, it is extremely important to talk to a personal injury lawyer and get the guidance you deserve. Otherwise, you could be foregoing your rights. Ignorance of the law will not protect you, and you may even lose the ability to bring your case.

Don’t Wait to Contact a Lawyer After Your Crash

A personal injury attorney can fight for you against the insurance companies, opposing parties, and more. It’s essential to retain an experienced, passionate personal injury attorney, like the Orlando lawyers at Fighter Law. Don’t wait. Reach out to the lawyers at Fighter Law for a free consultation at (407) 449-1574 or by completing our contact form


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