5 Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Florida is one of the top states for motorcyclists. Nearly 600,000 residents have registered their motorcycles and that number doesn’t even include out-of-state riders who frequent our highways. With those kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder that the state is also at the top of the list for motorcycle accident injuries.

While some accidents can be chalked up to freak accidents, plenty more of them can be attributed to dangerous driving conditions, the actions of other drivers, or poorly maintained roads. Since motorcyclists are so exposed when riding, they are susceptible to more frequent and more serious injuries than automobile drivers. Here are 5 of the most common motorcycle accident injuries and how you can protect yourself from them.

5 Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

  1. Head Injuries. These are the most common type of motorcycle accident injuries. Unfortunately, they also can be the most damaging, causing concussions or even brain damage. Wearing a helmet while riding is the single best way to protect your head from motorcycle accident injuries.
  2. Neck Injuries. Injuries to the neck often occur in conjunction with head injuries and can be equally as devastating. Paralysis and even death can occur when the neck is injured in a motorcycle accident.
  3. Road Rash. Another common, but less severe type of injury is road rash. This happens when your body slides across the pavement and exposed skin is rubbed against pavement or concrete. Road rash is more severe than cuts, scrapes, and bruises. It can cause lasting damage to the skin and underlying nerves. Protective measures include wearing motorcycle jeans or heavier pants along with kneepads, gloves, and jackets. Leather provides the best protection.
  4. Biker’s Arm. Biker’s Arm happens when a motorcyclist is thrown from the bike and instinctively wraps his/her arms around the body to protect it. Unfortunately, the arm then bears the brunt of the impact. This can cause nerve damage to the arm and upper body. The best way to protect arms is by wearing sturdy jackets and elbow pads.
  5. Leg Injuries. The legs, knees, and feet are all susceptible to injury in motorcycle accidents. While usually not fatal, these types of injuries can have lifelong consequences including pain and lack of mobility/use. Protective leather clothing, boots, and kneepads provide some protection and help lessen the severity of injuries.

Are You Suffering From Motorcycle Accident Injuries? Fighter Law May Be Able To Help

Protecting yourself can help prevent motorcycle accident injuries from being worse, but if you are injured while riding and another driver is at fault, contact The Fighter Law Firm. It’s possible that you may be entitled to damages that can help pay for your medical expenses and pain and suffering. Contact our team in Orlando to learn more.

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