Motorcycle Accidents

 Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Florida

Attorney Tom Feiter has been a motorcycle rider since 2004.  He knows the dangers of the road and how serious it is when a car collides with a motorcycle – especially here in Florida, where the law does not require riders to wear helmets.  Tom has many years of experience riding, which gives him a unique insight into helping his clients when they are injured on the road.  Watch our YouTube Video here.

Motorcyclists are especially popular on Florida’s roadways, and they’re much more vulnerable than other types of motorists and are more likely to suffer from a severe injury or death when an accident happens. Most motorcycle accidents are the result of the inattentiveness of other drivers and their failure to properly recognize or yield to motorcyclists’ rights on the road.

Additionally, motorcycles are particularly susceptible to dangers from roadway defects or poorly maintained roadways, caused by poor roadway maintenance or construction. Potholes, drainage and other roadway defects can be far more dangerous to a motorcyclist than the driver of an automobile.

When compared car occupants on a per-mile driven basis, motorcycle riders are five times more likely to be seriously injured in an accident and more than 26 times more likely to suffer death.

What Types of Damages can I Recover from my Motorcycle Accident?

The following are some of the damages Fighter Law can recover for you in a motorcycle injury or death claim:

    • Medical costs, past and future, including the cost covered by insurance or out of pocket

    • Pain and suffering

    • Loss of earnings – recoverable even when you receive disability payments or use sick leave or PTO

    • PTSD, depression, anxiety

    • Loss of enjoyment of life

    • Loss of spousal relations

    • Property damage

  • Punitive damages in extreme cases, such as where the driver of the other vehicle was drunk

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Be Cautious of Insurance Companies

The other driver’s insurance company almost always try to persuade you that you do not need to hire a motorcycle accident attorney. They often promise to get you adequate compensation after they complete their investigation. This is almost always an attempt to take advantage of you by taking a recorded statement, having you see their doctors, otherwise build their case against you. After their frequent delays, they generally offer a settlement that is unfairly low.

It’s best not to have any communication at all with the other party’s insurance company. It’s best to leave all communication in the hands of an experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney.

Hire an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles are inherently dangerous and accidents involving motorcycles are usually accompanied with more significant injuries that car accidents. As a long-term motorcycle rider, I understand the dangers associated with riding. I know from experience how careless car drivers can be on the road. A simple momentary lack of situational awareness on the part of car driver can place a rider’s life in jeopardy. When such a tragedy occurs, people must be held accountable.

Even though motorcyclist’s have the same legal rights as all other vehicle drivers on the road, they are often blamed in an accident due to negative attitudes and prejudice against them. Which is why it is important to hire an experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident attorney, familiar with the unique issues involved in motorcycle accidents.

Fighter Law will work relentlessly to overcome those prejudices to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses. We utilize top experts in the field of accident reconstruction and medicine, thoroughly investigate all aspects of the accident, and aggressively pursue compensation for your injuries.