Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents in Florida

Trucks serve as the lifeblood for many of Florida’s industries, but they can also be deadly machines due to their size and mass. A 20-ton truck exerts much greater force than a standard sedan and they are far more likely to lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

Regardless of the vehicle being driven, too many drivers still drink and drive, text and drive, drive on too little sleep and driver under the influence of prescription medications and drive while angry or emotionally unstable. However, commercial drivers have limits on hours per day/week and also needs special certifications and experience. Many times, truck accidents are found to be in violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations, of which your truck injury attorney must understand and have experience with, as well as other regulations.

Liability in Trucking Accidents

Truck crashes are not always due to truck driver error, they can often happen because of poorly maintained equipment, which usually makes the trucking company liable for the accident.

Even so, it is imperative that the truck driver’s records are thoroughly examined to determine if any violations exist and has a huge impact on determining negligence.

Depending on what happened to cause the accident, there are different parties that can be held liable for your damages, pain and future costs, including:

  • A careless or incompetent driver;

  • A company that hired a careless or incompetent driver;

  • A manufacturer or mechanic that failed to build or maintain a safe truck;

  • Road engineers who failed to create safe signage;

  • Insurance companies that represent any or all of these parties.

Hiring a Skilled Truck Accident Injury Lawyer is Important

A good trucking attorney is equipped to fully investigate all the scenarios that can determine liability in a truck accident. Fighter law will investigate your truck accident intelligently in order to protect your rights and ensure that you are awarded fair recovery for the damages sustained in your accident. Our goal is to allow you to focus on getting your life back on track while we handle everything related to your case.