Birth Injury

Birth Injuries in Florida

If your child has sustained a birth injury call us immediately. Our personal injury lawyers are experts at birth injury cases and will work to expose the medical negligence and malpractice that hurt your family.

The arrival of a new family member should be a proud and joyous occasion. Sometimes a doctor gives improper care. They could fail to recognize a baby’s overall health in the womb or properly diagnose an expecting mother’s conditions such as high blood pressure. Other times improper care could mean

A birth injury is injury and damage sustained during the birthing process, most commonly during a baby’s transit through the birth canal. The sad truth about these situations is they are completely avoidable. Whether it is negligence or a mistake, your family will live with this the rest your lives.

Examples of Birth Injury

  • Cerebral palsy from medical malpractice during delivery

  • Erb’s palsy: damage to the nerves in the shoulder and the muscles in the elbow.

  • Brain injuries from birth due to not having sufficientoxygen in labor

  • Excessive newborn jaundice (kernicterus): excessive levels of bilirubin at birth that leads to severe brain damage.

  • Obstetric negligence: mistakes in the labor and delivery process

  • Caesarean section injuries

  • Improper use of forceps: inappropriate use of this device can lead to lifelong injuries.

  • Traumatic vacuum extraction: performed improperly or at an inappropriate stage of labor can cause severe damage and trauma

  • Failure to recognize fetal distress

  • Failure to recognize pregnancy-induced hypertension: hypertension, caused by pregnancy can injure both mother and child

  • Uterine rupture: When doctors and others in the delivery room fail to recognize the signs of uterine rupture, the mother and child can die.

  • Failure to recognize and treat infant seizures: infantile seizures are often the sign of birth injuries that have been caused by medical negligence in labor or delivery.

  • Prolonged rupture of membranes

  • Neonatal sepsis

  • Failure to resuscitate

Call Fighter Law for Birth Injury Cases

If your child has been injured during birth due to a medical professional’s actions, do not hesitate to contact Fighter Law. The sooner we can begin helping you, the better our chances of finding the evidence needed and successfully holding at-fault medical workers responsible. You and your child deserve the best chance at recovery possible, and we are ready to help ensure you have that without overwhelming medical bills.