A Victim of Domestic Violence May Receive Compensatory and Punitive Damages Within 4 Years of the Abuse

 Domestic violence is a traumatizing experience that can significantly distress victims, their families, and their children. For many victims of domestic violence, coming to terms with their abuse and facing the pain they suffered is challenging. When individuals leave an abusive relationship, it may take them a bit of time to hold their abuser accountable for their actions.

In Florida, if domestic violence victims file a claim within four years of their abuse, they may receive compensatory and punitive damages. With experienced legal representation, a Fighter Law lawyer may recover the losses you suffered throughout your relationship. We understand how difficult it may be for you to relive and discuss these painful memories, but our team has the ability to help make sure your abuser pays for their actions.

What Is Considered Domestic Violence?

In Florida, domestic violence refers to any type of assault, aggravated battery, kidnapping, stalking, or any criminal offense that causes physical injury or even death to a family or household member caused by another family member. Therefore, domestic violence is not only violence between spouses but also among:

  • Siblings
  • Relatives
  • Romantic partners
  • Roommates
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Any other persons currently or formerly residing together as a family.

Domestic violence is broader than you may think. Florida’s domestic violence statute protects spouses and any family member or cohabitant who faces any form of domestic violence. Therefore, it’s best to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney at Fighter Law to see how you can protect yourself.

How to Recover Compensation in a Florida Domestic Violence Case

In Florida, any victim of domestic violence may receive compensation for the harm they suffered if they file a claim within four years of the abuse. While taking action against your abuser may be challenging, holding them accountable will protect you, your children, and your future. Therefore, the sooner you begin, the better. Some of the compensatory losses you may receive include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical treatments
  • Physical therapy
  • Ambulance expenses
  • Domestic services
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of society
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

A judge may also award punitive damages depending on the severity of the abuser’s actions. While every case is different, your lawyer will be able to give you more information on how much you may recover in your case. Speak with your attorney as soon as possible so they may start their investigation.

A single instance of abuse is enough for you to seek justice and compensation. Therefore, rather than living in a state of fear or intimidation due to your partner’s actions, you should contact us today for a free consultation on how you can protect yourself from potential future abuse.

Contact a Board-Certified Florida Domestic Violence Attorney at Fighter Law

It is truly awful that you had to go through such a physically, mentally, and psychologically traumatizing event. However, there are laws in place to protect you and help ensure you get the compensation you deserve. That’s why our domestic violence attorneys at Fighter Law are more than willing to help you through these difficult times.

At Fighter Law, we understand how overwhelming it can be to heal the pain of domestic violence. That’s why we use our experience to help you protect yourself and your family from the perpetrator and receive compensation for all the damages caused. Contact us online today or call for a free consultation at (407) 344-4837 to learn how our dedicated attorneys can help you fight for your rights.


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