What to Know About Florida Drug Sniff Cases

If you have been arrested due to a dog drug sniff in Florida, or fear that you might be, you may want to feel well-informed. Confusion and overwhelm surrounding these circumstances are common, but many of us want to know which steps to take to avoid the worst consequences. What steps should you take after a dog sniff-related arrest? Would a Florida criminal defense lawyer be able to help you under these circumstances?

These questions deserve close attention and strategic answers, and we at Fighter Law may be able to help. Our team, including the experienced and compassionate attorney Thomas Feiter, is dedicated to supporting clients through every step of the legal process. We know how to fight for your rights, so please allow us to break down everything you need to know about Florida drug sniff cases.

What is a Florida Drug Sniff Case?

Generally, a drug sniff case occurs when a law enforcement officer conducts a search with a dog. These searches are often conducted within an individual’s private property, such as their home or vehicle. A search may result in an arrest if a person is guilty of possessing a firearm, possessing drugs, or other contraband.

What are Your Rights After a Florida Drug Sniff Arrest?

Based on case precedent, as may be read in Flowers vs. State, you might be able to argue or defend yourself against a dog sniff arrest. Specifically, Timothy Flowers was not read his Miranda rights during a traffic stop, and he also argued that a dog sniff during this stop was unlawful. Flowers argued that the dog sniff should not have happened because it unnecessarily prolonged the traffic stop.

While the court disagreed with Flowers’ arguments, it was ultimately decided that a dog sniff search should not be conducted if it unnecessarily prolongs a traffic stop. Law enforcement officers must also read your Miranda rights unless you actively rescind these rights.

Regardless of your specific circumstances, you may be able to argue and fight for yourself. You may have rights that were denied during a dog sniff search, so we strongly encourage you to avoid giving up after an arrest. If you have been arrested because of a drug sniff search, please consider speaking with a qualified Florida criminal defense lawyer to obtain the greatest possible results.

What Should You Do After a Drug Sniff Arrest in Florida?

Following an arrest, you may not know what steps to take. If you have been arrested after a drug sniff search in Florida, we have a few suggestions that may help you achieve favorable results.

Avoid Discussing Your Case

If you have been arrested for any reason, we strongly recommend you avoid discussing your case, including with close friends and family. The only exception is speaking to your criminal defense lawyer, as you have the right to client-lawyer confidentiality. In other cases, anything you say may be used against you.

Contact a Qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer

Following a drug sniff search, we suggest you speak with a qualified Florida criminal defense lawyer. Your lawyer may be able to assist you in several ways, including the following:

  • Legal knowledge
  • Negotiation skills
  • Collect and analyze evidence
  • Lead or join investigations
  • Reduce your consequences
  • Handle other legal representation
  • Strategize the next best steps
  • Refer you to other helpful professionals
  • Provide you with helpful information and resources
  • Reduce stress

If you are involved in legal proceedings, please refrain from representing yourself. Your lawyer is far more likely to give you the favorable results you want and represent you effectively and smoothly. For best results, we recommend you speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible.

Fight for Your Rights With Criminal Defense Lawyers From Fighter Law in Florida

If you have been arrested due to a drug sniff search, our team at Fighter Law may be able to help. Led by the knowledgeable and board-certified Thomas Feiter, our team knows how to fight for you and each of our clients. We are dedicated to supporting our clients through every step of the legal process and getting them the great results they deserve, and we may be able to do the same for you.

To discuss the details of your case and circumstances and get more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. You can get in touch with our compassionate team by calling (407) 344-4837 or completing our online contact form. By speaking with us as early in the legal process as possible, you maximize your chances of walking away with favorable results. We look forward to hearing from you and working together in the fight for your rights.


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