Expungement and Record Sealing in Florida: Clearing Your Criminal Record

An arrest record can significantly impact many aspects of your life, including job opportunities, educational pursuits, housing possibilities, and overall reputation. Expungement of a criminal record offers a fresh start, enabling you to confidently answer “no” when questioned about past arrests on various applications.

At Fighter Law, we assist clients throughout Florida with criminal defense and personal injury law matters. Our experienced and board-certified attorneys, like Attorney Thomas Feiter, are skilled in managing the sealing and expungement processes for individuals looking to clear their criminal records. We thoroughly assess each situation to decide if sealing or expungement is achievable, providing a path for those who have maintained a clean record since their offense.

What’s the Difference Between Expungement and Sealing Criminal Records in Florida?

Understanding the distinction between expungement and sealing criminal records in Florida is critical to realizing each option’s potential benefits. When a criminal case is expunged, the records held by the arresting agency, prosecution, and probation officers are destroyed, leaving only a non-public copy with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Conversely, sealing a case means that these records are not destroyed but made inaccessible to the public.

Expungement requires no prior convictions and a dismissal of the charges, whereas sealing is available even if you plead guilty or were found guilty, provided adjudication was withheld. Certain offenses, however, are ineligible for either process. Consulting with an experienced criminal attorney is crucial to determine your eligibility and the best course of action.

What Are the Benefits of Expungement or Record Sealing?

Securing expungement or sealing your criminal record in Florida offers significant advantages, transforming your prospects for the future. Here’s how these legal processes can benefit you:

  • Privacy Restoration: Your criminal record becomes private and inaccessible to the public, allowing you to deny any past arrests when questioned legally.
  • Enhanced Employment Opportunities: As most employers conduct background checks, sealing or expunging your record removes obstacles to securing employment.
  • Improved Housing Options: Background checks by landlords no longer pose a barrier, improving your chances of securing your desired residence.
  • Smoother Professional Licensing: Certain professions require clean background checks. With your record cleared, obtaining professional licenses becomes less complicated.
  • Greater Financial Opportunities: Lenders check criminal records for loan applications. A sealed or expunged record increases your likelihood of loan approval.
  • Reputation Protection: Move forward without past mistakes defining you, ensuring an old arrest doesn’t disrupt your renewed life.

Expungement or sealing opens doors that a criminal record might otherwise keep closed, laying a foundation for a brighter future. Whether it’s pursuing a career, obtaining a loan, or simply living without the shadow of past errors, taking this step is crucial for anyone looking to move on from their past indiscretions.

Can Anyone Still See My Record After It’s Expunged or Sealed?

After having your record sealed or expunged in Florida, it’s essential to know that certain entities may still access your history. While most government databases will no longer display your information, specific agencies can view these records. The FDLE website offers a comprehensive list of agencies that can access this information.

In today’s digital era, the reach of expungement or sealing has limits. Private companies might have already captured and stored your record before it was sealed or expunged. Consequently, this information could persist in some private databases beyond the influence of legal actions to remove it.

Despite these limitations, pursuing expungement or sealing is generally beneficial. The process ensures that your record won’t appear in government databases, significantly reducing the visibility of past charges. It’s a critical step towards starting anew, even in an age where digital footprints are hard to erase.

Consult Our Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys on Clearing Your Record Today

At Fighter Law, we recognize the severe implications criminal charges can carry and their potential to alter your life. Our firm offers dedicated legal services in criminal defense and personal injury law. We’re committed to providing personalized legal assistance designed to navigate you through your legal journey toward clearing your record. You don’t have to face the challenges of dismissal and expungement alone. Let our team offer the guidance and support you need to move forward confidently.

Understanding the eligibility criteria and the necessary steps for record sealing or expungement is crucial. That’s where Fighter Law steps in. We ensure your case is managed effectively and to advocate on your behalf. Schedule a free consultation with us to explore your options for sealing or expunging your record by calling (407) 344-4837 or completing our contact form today.


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