What is a temporary injunction?

A temporary injunction is when a judge orders an injunction against you without you having the opportunity to be heard or to defend yourself. But it’s not the end of the world. Try not to panic. While this is a very stressful time for anyone in this situation, it is temporary. And remember that a temporary injunction can be entered falsely against anyone. All it takes is someone making an accusation. A final injunction is completely different – and arguably much worse. There is usually nothing a person can do to prevent or avoid a temporary injunction.

A TEMP INJ. ORDER LOOKS LIKE THIS – Insert Photo of temp order PDF into webpage.

It looks like this.

Can I violate a temporary injunction?
Absolutely. But you have to have been served or you have to know about it.

You cannot violate the injunction if you do not know about it or you have not properly served. In other words, there may be a temporary injunction out there right now against you. If you don’t know about it, and you call the person who got the injunction against you, how can anyone say that you violated it? They can’t. So you have to know about the injunction before you can violate it.

Do not let anyone bully you around. Call an attorney to discuss matters like this. You deserve to know your rights.

Sidenote: Often times, the clerk’s office will not show the injunction record on the web until it has been served on the other person. In other words, the records are hidden until all parties know about them. Even after the respondent is served, it may take the clerk a few days to update their system and make the case visible online.

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