Florida Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Sex Crimes

A Seminole County man has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to charges of sexual exploitation of children and five other charges, including possession of child pornography. The sex crime charges were due to allegations that the man sexually abused two students and videotaped the crime. Allegedly, the incidents occurred when the Florida man worked on the maintenance staff at a school.

After one of the victims reported the abuse, agents opened an investigation. The girl claimed that the incident occurred several years prior and that the man in question took photographs of the sexual assault. According to court records, a second girl came forward, also claiming that she was assaulted by the same man.

The man admitted to abusing the girls when his home, located in Seminole County, was searched by authorities. During the course of the search, agents also reportedly uncovered child pornography. Court records indicate that that the pornography was on his computer. During the sentencing phase of the criminal trial, the judge handed down a sentence of life behind bars.

Although this particular trial has concluded, a person accused of a sex crime should take the allegations very seriously. Such a conviction can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. During the course of the trial, the criminal defense team could help get charges dismissed or reduced if the evidence is insufficient or was uncovered during an improperly executed search and seizure. Whether or not one is guilty of the crime, he or she still deserves fair representation from a attorney who can help protect the rights of their clients in cases that are bound to be emotionally charged.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Ex-school worker gets life in prison in child-sex case,” Amy Pavuk, Feb. 14, 2013


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