Florida Man Taken into Custody After Cocaine Incident

A man from Key West who had been taken into custody for alleged cocaine possession allegedly told officers that he did not know that cocaine was illegal in the state, according to the police report that was written after the arrest. The incident began on Feb. 23 when a call came into police regarding three individuals acting suspiciously at the Conch Tour Station. It was also reported that they had continued on to the Pier House Resort property.

Police arrived to find the three, including the 46-year-old Key West man, who stood up and walked to a flower pot, allegedly to hide what he was doing. An officer subsequently observed that the man was holding a plastic bag that looked like it had white powder in it. When the officer asked him about it, he supposedly put the bag in the flower pot, the police report said.

The officer was able to acquire the plastic bag, and he had the contents tested. A positive result for cocaine was reportedly returned, and the man was taken into custody, and jail records posted online indicate that he was then held without bond.

Charges that allege possession or trafficking in cocaine can lead to a host of sanctions in the event of a conviction. Prison, probation or both may be a possibility. The law may also provide for the levying of a substantial fine. A criminal defense attorney in such a case may challenge an officer’s observations since cocaine was not actually found on the person of the accused. The comment that the man allegedly made about the legality of cocaine in Florida may or may not be considered a tacit admission of guilt.

Source: NBC Miami, “Cocaine-Carrying Key West Man Tells Cops He Didn’t Know It Was Illegal“, February 27, 2014


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